11 August 2008

I am the Bubble, Make me the Sea

I am in Encinitas California, once known as "The Flower Capital"

It is an incredibly beautiful coastal town, the Hwy 101 in Leucadia is an exquisite grand lane lined with 3 story Eucalyptus Trees.

I was fortunate to catch 11am Sunday service and meditation at the Self Realization Fellowship Temple. We sang and meditated before listening to a mesmerizing talk. A vibrant group of international devotees present as a contingent from the Annual Convocation held in Los Angeles. The website ananda.org has lyrics and audio if you are interested for further listening.

Yogananda was a 20th century guru on the west coast for many years. His teachings draw from the wisdom of a number of saints and sages of all religions including Jesus Christ. There is a lovely hermitage garden and pond on the cliff's edge in Encinitas.

Bob Naninnga is running for one of the seats on the Encinitas City Council this yea. As a Leucadia resident, native Californian and successful business owner, Bob is an active member of the Encinitas community. Experienced in City Government and civic activities. Bob is concerned with preserving the quality of life shared in the Encinitas region. Register to vote and give your support at Bob's Campaign Website!

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