16 November 2011

Exciting News

Wowza, I'm floating on a cloud because I have an amazing opportunity to get my hand work into the hands of the cool twenty-something actress Ginnifer Goodwin! OK, so you're asking yourself "How did Joy manage to get this kind of golden opportunity?" I'll tell you: I'm a member of The Artisan Group, and this group organizes gift lounges and artisan made Swag Bags at many of the major award events like the Golden Globe Awards, The Academy Awards, The Emmy Awards etc.

I'm totally beside myself with this amazing opportunity, so right away I want to find out everything about her. I don't want to take any chances, so I have googled her image and there are quite a few pictures of her, in one of them she looks naked:
(she's probably wearing a strapless gown)
I see she wears black a LOT, and I read that she's got a wig clause in her movie contracts so she can cut her hair freely (love that short hair-do!). Also, I hear that she's an avid Twitterer, did I say that right? So I jump right in to follow her on Twitter, right away I sent her a DM to ask about her favorite color. She replied that she likes purple best, but she doesn't wear it ~ so, you can bet I'll be sending her red silk!
The sky is the limit!

I will continue to research Ginnie to what she's like and what she likes so I can feel really confident about creating the perfect gift for her! Who knows ~ she might love it, and then ~ who knows...


  1. You are incredibly BLESSED! Great opportunity. :)

  2. How very exciting, keep us posted.

  3. That's great,I'm excited for you.XX/OO

  4. That's Fantastic JOY! Go Girl!

  5. that's great. be sure to share with us what you create before you ship it off.
    - ourhometoyours


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