05 December 2011

BEST Team Weekly Feature - Beaded Jewelry Stocking Stuffers

I do not want to be part of the tsunami of  pressure that frequently accompanies holiday season. So last weekend I took off with a bunch of vintage Dodge enthusiasts in search of the perfect Christmas tree in nature. With that said, I am charged with the responsibility of promoting my besties on the Etsy BEST Team, a responsibility that I truly enjoy because my team mates are so cool and talented! I went searching for some great stocking stuffers, because filling stockings is about my speed this season!

Agnes, aka Beader Bubbe amazes me, as a mother of five and a grandmother to seven (all boys, mind you), she still manages to create beaded jewelry in her spare time!! This incredible butterfly pendant is one of  my favorite things in her shop, it's made of glass and the colors are so bright, I just love monarch's colors and the symbology of a butterfly alludes to transition. Most of us are going through changes, since that is the nature of life, so this must be a perfect gift for someone on your list! During the Christmas Season, get free shipping with the coupon code FREESHIP12.

I have one question for you Bubbe, when do you sleep? Blog | Facebook | Twitter

The key for my peace of mind during the holidays is giving, receiving and staying mindful under pressure. With all my creative friends, shopping is not a problem, its the shipping that gives me fits with family on the East Coast and Southern California!

CC at Blue White Wear adds an international flair to the modern East meets West jewelry collection in her Etsy Shoppe! Mostly blue and white with cinnabar and laquer-ware mixed in for good measure, it was hard to choose just one thing! I love this pair of coral and turquoise earrings though, and I hope somebody has the good sense to snap them up for a Christmas or Hanukkah present! CC reminds us that international shipping may take up to two weeks, so order now for timely holiday delivery!

Please comment and tell us what's your secret to balancing the holiday season madness? Or share your favorite cookie recipe!


  1. Thanks so much! Love the article! Have a great week!

  2. What a great feature...thanks so much...butterflies are my favorite too....and to answer your question...sleep? what's that? lol

  3. oh that butterfly pendant is one of my favorites. I have a butterfly garden and love seeing my babies (monarchs) come back every year.

  4. Gorgeous feature <3 Love that necklace and earrings


  5. Great post!
    A glass of Malbec sometimes.....it helps!:)


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