13 December 2011

Secret Santa Sales by Joyflower

Santa's Little Elf
I want to let you in on a little secret: Santa knows that you have your eye on something, and here's your chance to score it ON SALE.  

Each day from now until Christmas one or more items will be specially priced for your shopping pleasure. When you are in Joyflower's shop, search "secret sale" for the daily sale items!  

Holiday time is precious time. Holiday traditions of decorating a tree, hanging mistletoe, adding special lighting (whether it be strings of electric light bulbs or candle light), special foods, visitors from near and far, greeting cards. What are your favorite traditions? 

My favorite holiday tradition is baking! I love to bake cookies, and I plan on doing just that today!! Here is a link to a demonstration video series on our favorite Pinwheel Cookies!

Santa's Secret Sale


  1. Its a fun way to get something you really really want . . . for less! More bang for your buck~
    See today's secret sale, click here -->> http://dld.bz/Secret_Sale

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  3. The Secret Sale will last through 'til January 10!


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