15 January 2012

Indie Insider Interview with Beader Bubbe

This week we are featuring BEST Team member Agnes Shapiro aka Beader Bubbe from Brooklyn NY. You can follow her social media links Blog | Facebook | Twitter

Agnes loves her beading and wishes she had more time for crafts, but her life is full because she is very involved with two generations of children in her wonderful big family! In her own words: "I am a mother of five children, 4 boys and 1 girl; grandma of 7 – all boys! Currently I am a school secretary in the elementary school my children attended many years ago; and I am nearing retirement.  I love making jewelry and although it’s part time right now, when I retire I hope to put more time into it."

Gain a bit of insider insight to Beader Bubbe:

The superpower I would love to have:  
Easy…I would love to fly (like a bird) love the idea of freedom and the speed

I get inspired by:
My grandchildren…they never cease to amaze me….especially when I sit to read to or with them.

Bubbe's grandson with Reggy the mascot of the local minor league baseball team.

At the annual Block Party the kids really enjoy the water slide.
If you could live anywhere you wanted (money's no object), where would it be?:
Easy, the one place I haven’t been able to visit…..Hawaii….I love the ocean and sand and the serenity it brings.  I recently went on a cruise to Bermuda and loved the calmness of the ocean and the beauty of their beaches….but I think Hawaii would do it for me.
 Serenity - sunset view from a very relaxing cruise to Bermuda - a week with no cares! 
What I’m reading:
I love all mysteries, fiction and love stories.  Since I am a member of Goodreads.com, I've found a great author named Barbara Freethy and I am currently reading my third book by her called Ryan’s Return….excellent.

Where do you see yourself/business in 5 years?:
Within the next 5 years I know I will be retiring….I would love to travel more and build up my jewelry business and also be able to do some shows or fairs as a vendor.  Work currently is hindering that freedom, but some day.

If you were forced to only have 1 make-up item, what would it be and why?:
That’s hard…I don’t wear much makeup – some eyeliner, mascara and lip gloss…..so, since my eyes are small and I use eyeliner to bring them out…guess I would have to say – eyeliner…

What's your favorite item you've ever made?  
I was part of Lori Andersen’s Bead Soup Party last year….where a group of us exchanged a package of beads, findings, etc. and had to make something…..I love the necklace I made  
Necklace created from Lori Anderson's Bead Soup Party
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