03 January 2012

BEST Team Weekly Feature - January 2, 2012

Well, the Holiday Season zipped by, I hope yours was memorable. I enjoyed a real treat, for New Years Eve we took a quick jaunt to the Oregon Coast. Our favorite haunt, the Windermere is not fancy, but the cabins are right on the dunes at the beach. The weather was, in a word, perfect! Sunny, still and a warmish 50-60 degrees (remember, we are in Oregon). Enjoying an ocean view and leisurely beach walks on New Years Day combined with eating fresh seafood has me stoked for 2012! Have you set any resolutions for yourself this year? 
"Black and White Cloud Reflections, Bandon Oregon"
Now back to your regularly scheduled BEST Team weekly feature: You will find all manner of creativity at Chicky D's! Danielle has always loved arts and crafting and she knew from middle school she would pursue a career involving art. She's a mild mannered graphic designer for the local newpaper by day, yet she's a crafty maven in her time off as well. I simply adore this heart decoupage perfect for Saint Valentine's Day, it's approximately 12"x12"x3/8", newspaper on wood with red acrylic heart painting. Ready to hang. Facebook | Twitter
Written on My Heart
The fab mother/daughter team Debbie and Amanda at Our Home To Yours is coming upon their two-year anniversary as Etsy Sellers and they've collected a plethora of positive feedback to attest to their success. Custom orders are but one of their specialties and you must see the one of a kind jewelry! For winter warmth and fashion savvy, I choose this long and narrow crocheted scarf in shades of purple edged with black. It's modern, yet classic at the same time and there's nothing better than handmade! Blog | Twitter | Facebook 

Crochet Long Skinny Scarf

Shirley's got an amazing inventory, ready to ship at The Orange Windmill I know, I always gravitate to the gift sets, because there are two and I get to keep one for myself!! From this lovely pair of handmade leather bound journals, I choose the one with the extra long assymetrical cover because I can add keepsake items between the journal pages and the cover will still wrap over nicely! Facebook | Blog | Twitter | Pinterest | Stumble | Tumblr
Leather Journal Gift Set
As part of my BESTeam commitment, I will post a weekly feature of several of the fabulous shops and talented artisans who comprise the Boosting Etsy Shops Team with a goal to mutually support each other and promote each others' Etsy shops through blogging. If you are an Etsy shopowner we'd love to have you join our BESTeam, please visit the team page and sign up!


  1. Thank you for the awesome feature, Joy!

  2. I would LOVE more temperate weather! I'm glad you enjoyed your jaunt to the coast - it's always good to recharge your batteries. That photograph of the cloud reflections is GORGEOUS!

    I don't like to think of my goals as resolutions, because then I am more likely to break them. But they are the usual: eat healthier, exercise more, go to bed earlier (lol), stop and smell the [frozen] flowers. That sort of thing. What are your resolutions?

    And I totally agree with you about the asymmetrical covers on the journals I make. I am always cramming extra slips of paper, business cards, etc into my books, and having a longer cover certainly helps! :)


  3. I know what you mean Shirley, resolutions are meant to be broken. I always say this year is going to be different, and this year I mean it! I'm committing to fitness b/c this year I am going to be 50! To be super-fit at fifty has always been a lifetime goal. Wish me luck!

  4. the trip to the coast sound divine! Wonderful work by some great artist.

  5. Joy - Kel and I have it on our "to do" list to get to Oregon (this year!). I zipped through years ago, but we'd like to spend a good amount of time there to explore.

    Very nice, thoughtful, detailed feature!

    Empty On the Inside
    Dough, Dirt & Dye

  6. Annie, I hope you will let me know/look us up when you plan to visit Oregon, it would be great to connect with you in person if possible!

  7. I got a scarf almost like that for Christmas and just love it!

    Love reading about other artisans! Thanks -- great blog.

  8. Thank you for the great feature!
    <a href="http://chickyds.etsy.com" title="Chicky D's>Danielle</a>

  9. Happy New Year! So glad you spent a wonderful weekend on the coast with perfect weather. We must've brought the below-freezing to temperatures to NY!!
    Another great article on the BESTeam shops!

  10. Ringing in the New Year for me was certainly memorable and not really in the best of ways. A historic building/former clock factory was set on fire by two teenagers minutes before the stroke of midnight. Being that I work for a newspaper and was celebrating the new year with friends/co-workers, I ended up at the scene for 4 hours. Who would have thought a graphic designer would be involved in media coverage?! I'm considering a blog post about the whole thing because it is a somewhat involved and interesting story.

    That being said, my reflection/resolution I normally do around midnight on New Year's didn't happen in it's normal capacity this year...late resolutions are acceptable, right? Haha.

    Thank you for the great feature and inclusion of my shop/wood panel painting.

    Chicky D's

  11. a trip is always a good thing. I'm planning mine and chucks "big" getaway this april, we're heading to Baton Rouge LA on our motorcycle. Those are my favorite trips. I'll have to get a journal from Shirley before I leave! I personally stopped making resolutions because I would just get depressed when I broke them, hahaha.

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  13. That black and white picture of the Oregan sea-shore is something to behold! Glad the trip was such a success. As a newbie to the BESTeam schedules, I also loved all your selections, especially the purple crocheted scarf - one of my colours!

    Look forward to meeting you often.


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