27 January 2012

Hurray for a Sunny Winter Day

Sometimes in winter the dreary skies and cold weather gets me down. It's a real treat when the sun pops out at this time of year. I was waiting for just this kind of weather to do a photo shoot. Here are some test shots from outdoors and a view of Planet Joy in Winter. Enjoy!

Planet Joy in Winter 
Tangerine Ruana - Sold

Seagrass as Backdrop


  1. Hello there! My that is such a gorgeous colour!

    We've got lovely winter sunshine here today as well, but snow (first real stuff for this winter) over the week-end, so we're making the most of it.

    As a matter of interest, how do you dry your hand-painted silk creations when you cannot put them out on the washing line? In a basement, or what?

    All the best. Will be BESTeam blogging soon - waiting for a tutorial from Debbi, once she's back on line again before I do!

  2. Isobel, in winter it depends on the weather, first I wash and rinse the silks until the water is clear with a final rinse in a small amount of fabric softener, then I allow the water to run out of the silk in a colander, then I roll the silk in a towel to blot off most of the moisture, then I will hang the silks on a line, either inside if it's raining hard, or outside if its not raining, and if it's raining just a bit, I'll put a large sheet of plastic over my outdoor clothes dryer to shelter the work from the rain. Ironing is good to do when the silk is either dry or somewhat damp, so the weather just slows the process down a bit!


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