13 February 2012

Snowy Day { FINALLY }

After October's early snowfall tease, followed by the driest winter ever, we  finally got some snow!
Snowfall at dawn
I was awakened from a long winter's nap by the sound of a snowplow heading up the street, as I peeked through the curtains I was surprised by the sight of tiny snowflakes fluttering down.
Yippee - snow on Planet Joy!
The best news is that overnight Mt. Ashland has reported ten inches of accumulated snow - that will definitely improve conditions for the rest of the ski season!
Heavy snow weighing down the branches of the Giant Sequoia
As the sun rose, the tiny snowflakes grew into big fluffy snowflakes - winter wonderland!
Accumulated snowfall - Winter 2011
I hope the snow continues, as the region really needs the moisture, it's been a very dry winter so far.
Woodland garden covered with snow
While I am always grateful for sunny weather, I am ecstatic to see this morning's blanket of snow!


  1. Wow, beautiful pictures .. I have to say I don't miss driving in the snow, sleet and ice, but it sure is nice to look at from behind a window in a cozy room with the fire blazing.

    Happiness to all.

    1. Well, the good news is that its already melted, gone! Still cold though. Good idea, my friend, I think I'll light a fire! xx Joy


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