16 March 2012

Riorita: Unusual Hand Made Silver & Gold Jewelry

Irith is a jewelry designer who works in an idyllic studio setting near the Mediterranean in Israel. Today we will take a more personal look at the design process and inspirations of the artist Riorita. 
In the artist's words, "As I love to try many metalsmith's techniques, I sometimes pick an idea , such as a heart necklace design, and try to  think out how it would look in a certain design and then I try to handcraft it."
Sterling Silver Heart Necklace
If you take for example, the heart motif. Here she has the idea to make a snake-like heart necklace. Inspired by her thought of the form of a snake, a snake made of connected hearts. As you know – snakes and hearts don't usually get along very well… Then on Valentine's day Irith had a different idea to design something much simpler, and so this textured heart pendant emerged.
"Heart Within a Heart" Silver Heart Pendant
As you see these two designs featuring the heart motif, are completely different from each other. Different moods – different designs. 
The Sea of Galilee and Tiberias
Irith longs to live in Tiberias, a small town by the Sea of Galilee, where she grew up. Reminiscing that she would love to wake up each day and view the beautiful lake, she says, "I could sit and watch it forever.What Irith enjoys most in her spare time is paying a visit to her daughter's little family and playing with her grandson who is two years and 3 months old and is beginning to be a rather talkative young man.
A view of The Sea of Galilee from mother's garden.
Irith is currently reading "The Judgement of Paris" a passionate account of the social swirl and political turmoil of the decade the author, Ross King, describes so vividly. Fashion, scientific advances, and revolutionary politics all find their way into a narrative that in its way achieves the kind of history painting that Meissonier could only dream of. It is written like a novel but is actually a research describing the struggle of the impressionist artists in Paris, in the mid 19th century to achieve entry to the venerable salon exhibitions. Some very good lines were spoken in that era, notably C├ęzanne said, "I dare sir, I dare" responding to an inquiring journalist as he hauled his paintings to be spurned yet again by the Salon jury. "I have the courage of my opinions -- and he who laughs last laughs best.
Unusual Handmade Silver and Gold Jewelry by Riorita
Follow Irith's creative journey online at her blog and her website  on Facebook, her work has also been featured in many treasuries on Etsy, view them here. Now you can also follow Riorita on Twitter.   

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  1. What a treat to see where Irith lives! Absolutely stunning. Wonderful feature, Joy! Thank you!

    Dough, Dirt & Dye

  2. what a great feature. I love reading and getting to know Irith better.

  3. Enjoyed your post, Joy - and it's so good to get to know one's team-members better. Thanks.


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