06 April 2012

Finding Treasure on Etsy - Featuring Joyflower Hand Painted Silk and More

Today we are feeling lighter than air, fancy as a feather with no sense of the grass being greener anywhere other than here on Planet Joy! 
Perfectly Purple and Teal
Blueberry Skies & Apple Green Pastures

Don't Be Blue Mommy
Faded Rainbow 
Green Garden
Gee Your Mom Looks So Young


  1. What a choice! Great to look at and enjoy! Thanks, Joy.

    Hope you have a Happy Easter break - and hope to be back on stream soon. I've screwed up right royally and am having to undo my wrongs, bit by bit! Message to self = don't do things in a hurry!

    Alas, cannot BESTeam post either - but I'll catch up as and when. Meanwhile take care of yourself!



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