30 July 2012

Guest Blogger - Ryan Downey

On a roadtrip to my mom's art show in cali we came across the most beautiful cars, in ashland we don't see much besides subarus and prius's so to see a ret hot Tesla was a major surprise.
Red Hot Tesla 
Saturday night after dinner and the olympics parked just outside of the restaurant we stumbled upon three awesome classic cars parked next to each other.
Classic beauty

Two Tone Classic 

Souped Up and Chopped
By the way my wish came true, on the way to dinner we spotted a Bentley we didn't end up with a picture but it was so cool!

Ryan Downey, my youngest son, is a Junior at Ashland High School and a good driver and co-pilot!

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  1. Anonymous30 July, 2012

    Over on Facebook I will be clicking share on this "guest" blog. Great photos. So glad your very own son took you down to the art&craft show in Califronia.


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