09 July 2012

Planet Joy: Summer Garden

It's officially summer, the heat is on in Southern Oregon. 
We are preparing for a party this week, because it's my birthday on Wednesday, July 11th! 

Brick pathway 
The garden looks lush and green, the lightweight netting seems to be deterring the deer for the moment.
Garden chores are on-going
 We've got tomatoes on the vine and the cucumber, winter squash, beans and flowers are thriving!
Baby lettuce and arugula
 Right now my favorite brunch is farm fresh egg scramble with arugula, basil, chives, chèvre and toast.
Oregon sugar snap peas
A sitting area by the garden 

Watching the sunflowers grow
The saw horses are for silk painting en plein air

Lavender garden 
Home grown organic raspberries are heavenly!

Morning coffee ritual 
Patio doubles as a photo studio

Outdoor photo booth
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  1. what a beautiful garden! and i love seeing how you use your patio to take photos!

    1. Thanks Lisa, it's a good spot. especially when I manage to catch the sun at the right angle... at the right time of day. The "problem" is that the sun is continually moving!

  2. Love your garden. Can't wait to see pictures from your birthday party. Have a great birthday!

    1. Many friends showed up with tasty food to share and celebrate
      A good time was had by all. . . photos have not yet appeared from the birthday fête.


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