07 April 2013

Earth Day Giveaway Raffle

Spring is an exciting time of year with plenty of reasons to celebrate. Here at Joy Hand Painted Silk we like to celebrate the change of the season, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and of course Earth Day. Earth Day is a great occasion to focus on the health of our wonderful home planet earth.
Earth Day is an annual day featuring varied events worldwide to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Earth Day is observed on April 22 each year. The April 22 date was designated as International Mother Earth Day by a consensus resolution adopted by the United Nations in 2009. Earth Day is now coordinated globally by the Earth Day Network, and celebrated in more than 192 countries every year find more information and how to participate in the grassroots efforts of A Billion Acts of Green. You can learn more about Earth day on theEarth Day wiki pagewhere this info came from.
This year we are celebrating Earth Day with a few of our creatively gifted friends by sharing an eco-friendly giveaway. Our organizer, SariBlue and the shops that are participating in this giveaway are all eco-friendly artisans. We hope you enjoy learning a little bit about these amazing women-owned small businesses and enter the giveaway for a chance to win some fabulous eco-friendly hand crafted items. The Rafflecopter has all the info on how to enter and we all appreciate your support. Please feel free to share this with your friends! 
a Rafflecopter giveaway 

Most of our participating shops are also offering a coupon code to be used during the giveaway timeframe, so if you see something you love in their shops now is the time to treat yourself to something gorgeous! 

Jody Edwards Fine Art & Illustration  Coupon Code: EarthDay2013 for 25% Off
Jody says “I think I was born an artist. With loving, supportive parents, I grew up in an idyllic small country town. Perfect creative combination of naive optimism surrounded by rolling farmland, forests and lakes. It was inevitable, I would paint what I loved.”
Jody’s work is first rate and has been featured on the television show CSI;  Jody’s work can been seen on the hit show in almost every episode. Jody donates half of the proceeds of her Raptor inspired prints to the Mountsberg Raptor Centre to support their efforts in caring for rehabilitated Birds of Prey and educating the public on the birds' plight and importance in our environment.
Faith Marcus Designs Coupon Code: EarthDay for 15% Off
Faith says "I always loved gemstones. Drawing from my design and aesthetic background, I decided one day to create a necklace for myself. I wanted something that I hadn’t seen before, anywhere. I immediately sensed that the gemstones had healing attributes beyond their intrinsic beauty. It was as if they spoke to me.” 
Faith combines gemstones, charms and elements of design that are classic and unique. Her work emanates spirituality which may come from her studies of Feng Shui, meditation and several spiritual disciplines. Focusing all of her experience, wisdom and vision into her fine jewelry collectibles, Faith delivers beauty, elegance and empowerment to the wearer of her original creations the world over.
Esscentual Alchemy Coupon Code: EarthDay2013 for 15% Off
Amanda says “When I create a perfume I do so intentionally. Being mindful of putting myself in a positive and loving, and uplifting emotional place. So that the perfume is emotionally positive, loving and uplifting as well. Each one blessed with good thoughts and wishes for the wearer.” 
Amanda Feeley is the designer and owner of Essecentual Alchemy. She is also a classically trained lyric coloratura opera singer. Her mantra of “I compose music for your nose” makes a lot of sense. One of the things I love most about Amanda’s shop are the expressively, rich and eloquent descriptions of her perfumes. All of Esscentual Alchemy’s perfumes are handmade to order by Amanda with raw perfumery materials. This means NO synthetics, chemicals, or preservatives ever.
Gopal opened her business in 2006, with a huge career change. She was a physician in private practice, working hard and missing out on time with her girls. She made a life-changing decision to leave her practice and start something totally new which allows time with her family and focus on what really matters to her. 
Alexis had been designing and creative since she was a child, painting, crocheting, and making jewelry. The inspiration for her designs: her daughters and nature. Her spirit and genuine kindness shines through in her work.
Catcophony Wearable Art  Coupon Code: EarthDay2013 for 15% Off
Diane says “If you like jewelry that you won't see on everyone else, that is uniquely you-this is your place.”
Catcophony jewelry is individually handcrafted with a focus on uniqueness. The materials Diane uses our are copper, sterling silver, lead- and nickel-free brass, precious metal clays, polymer clay, semi-precious gemstones, lampwork glass, and Swarovski crystals. You will love her shop and the interesting designs. 
Sew Beastly Coupon Code: EARTHDAY for 20% Off
Sew Beastly makes bags, clutches, pouches, and totes and believes handmade accessories can be and should be functional, eco-friendly, and fun! Citlalli says “Sew Beastly's products are handmade, with sustainability in mind.”
Sew Beastly products are made from mostly salvaged, repurposed, recycled, and/or organic fabrics and each item has a thick, middle layer made from recycled plastic bottles that helps protect what you carry. 
Candice says “I'm inspired by rich colors and textures evoked by places like Morocco, India, Spain and the Mediterranean. Color lifts my mood, and the more color the better!” 
Vitrine’s contemporary designs use high quality gemstones and crystals set in gold-fill, sterling silver and rose-gold.  Many of her pieces are OOAK giving you something no one else has. 
She is a Canadian living in Dubai with a clientele from all over the world.

Joy Hand Painted Silk Coupon Code: JOYFLOWER for 20% Off
Joy says “Joy Hand Painted Silk presents seasonally inspired fashion and home accessories to women and men who wish for an everyday escape, with hand-crafted work that brings light and an abundance of joy to modern life.”
Joy has mastered the art of painting silk. Her designs are amazing, the collections are perfectly named: Earth, Heather, Peacock, Fire, Water and Gem. The natural colors and artwork are lovely, art to wear originals for every day comfort and style and special occasions.

Piccolo Paradiso® Coupon Code: EarthLove2013 for 20% Off 
Piccolo Paradiso® offers earthy, chic, luxury bath and body products handmade in Chicago. Rosalba’s products are infused with the finest of pure essential oils, extracts, herbs and other earth derived ingredients. She offers Cold Process Soaps, Spa Soaps, Solid Lotion Bars, Facial Products, Lip Balms, Bath products, Gift Sets and more. 

Heidi Kingman Jewelry Coupon Code: EARTHDAY2013 for 15% Off
Heidi describes her collection as “Earthy, artsy and soulful artisan jewelry. A little rustic. A touch tribal. Often a bold splash of color.” 
Jewelry design is Heidi’s refuge and route to sharing her creative curiosity, while on a professional path exploring art, science and law. Her designs are handmade and use wire wrapping, metal work, gemstones, natural materials and mixed-media including repurposed foreign coins and recycled vintage fabrics.

SariBlue® Coupon Code: EarthDay2013 for 15% Off 
So a quick bit on SariBlue® apart from what you may know of us as an earthy, bohemian, wear-it-everyday jewelry collection centered on The Evil Eye. We have introduced a new leather collection for men and woman and recently expanded our Baby Belly Bell™ Collection. Hope you will check the collections out in our shop.

We are really happy to be able to share such great work from so many fantastic artisans and hope you have a great spring! 

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