16 August 2013

Treasuring August with my posse on Etsy

I have a tremendously talented creative posse, you can find them in all the usual places you find folks like us. We tend to congregate at art festivals, on Etsy, and assorted social media hangouts.

In case you missed it, Etsy has recently gone through a major re-design, some cool features that enhance the experience for buyers looking for the coolest and freshest handmade gifts and accessories and for sellers. I think the new dashboard is so COOL! Curating small collections of the wonderful hand made things that my brilliant posse creates for sale on Etsy is FUN!
Joyflower Summer Fun Treasury
I'm a team player, and this Summer Fun Treasury features jewelry and more from members of Women in Business (WIB) and The Artisan Group (TAG) teams.

I love the way I can tailor the treasury to my whimsical way of thinking, like I did with Once in a Blue Moon a treasury that was inspired by the moon shaped cookies by Crumbtastic (whose favorite material is sugar!) and full moon trivia since the moon is waxing towards full.
Joyflower Once in a Blue Moon
The Artisan Group posse is always hobnobbing with celebs at events such as The Emmy's and The Oscar's, the CMA's and quite a few of it's members are becoming the darling of wardrobe stylists for The Vampire Diaries and Scandal to name a couple. This fabulous team also creates color themed treasuries, and you're certain to find pleasing gifts and treats amongst the selections including bath & body, jewelry, fashion accessories, pet accessories and more!
Joyflower Amber Silk Ruana
My Amber hand painted silk ruana from the Earth Collection is featured in Indian Summer Accessories, Art & A Lot of Great Stuff by The Artisan Group. Hand painted silk ruanas are made to order, commissions are welcome. TAG's Black and White with Shades of Grey is très chic  a and features my versatile Joyflower Silver Mini-scarflette along with gorgeous jewelry and fancy soaps from The Artisan Group members.
Joyflower Silver Mini Scarflette
As colleagues, we often shop in each others stores, and we certainly recommend it to our fans by creating these fabulous treasuries! My hand painted silk Water Collection ruana or shawl is featured in A Sea of Blue and Green thanks to Jessica Croft of The Prismatic Peacock. I was super thrilled to find that my shibori triangle fringed hip scarf is featured in not one, but two treasuries this month, by Ms Karen of New York in her gorgeous Aqua treasury and Only Blue Skies Above Me by The Artisan Group.
Joyflower Shibori Scarf
Kim at Metalmorphis included my magenta & cobalt blue mini-scarflette  in her glowing treasury Shades of Purple, Teal, and Pink, and dear Dobromira Ivanova of Vintage Inspiration curated two treasuries including my work; Colors of the world features my Heather Collection hand painted silk ruana in Dance with the wolves features my Amber Ruana again!!
Magical "blush"
Not to be missed, as shy as she may be, JB Bustamonte curated My Colors are Blush & Bashful... featuring my very wearable coral scarflette and other personal and home accessories in this gorgeous shade of blush.

Keep abreast of your favorite artisans on Etsy, it's a blast!

PS. Posse. . . leave your links in the comments below and enjoy the rest of your summer!


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    1. Thank you so much Sylvia, it's pretty eclectic!

  2. Terrific blog post Joy! It's easy to create beautiful treasury collections when you have such a talented pool of artisans to choose from. Thank you for including my Sea of Blue and Green treasury in your post. It was fun to browse the TAG shops and select the items to feature! I'm currently offering 10% off any order in my Etsy shop with coupon code SIMPLY10 at checkout. www.ThePrismaticPeacock.Etsy.com

    1. Awesome, I'm glad you like it and thank you for sharing the SIMPLY10 coupon code for your Etsy shop ThePrismaticPeacock.Etsy.com

  3. Great blog Joy! I enjoyed reading it.
    Looking forward to your next one!

  4. Wow Joy
    This is amazing!
    thank you for adding the Women in Business Team!

  5. Wow Joy! Thank you for adding the Women In Business Team , Its a job well done!

  6. Great Blog Joy!
    I loved seeing The Women in Business Team With All the wonderful artists we Have!

  7. agenta & cobalt blue mini-scarflette is so chic

    joseph gersch


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