10 March 2014

Don't Break the Bank

Unless You are Winning at Monte Carlo
You don't have to break the bank to look your best. While there are certain items worth the investment (outerwear, boots), you don’t have to spend a fortune to have a chic wardrobe. If you follow these simple strategies, it’s within your power to create the look and style of a high-end wardrobe on a budget. The trick is to know which items to buy for less — and how to wear them.
Try out these style ideas. Comment with your favorite style tips! 
Mix High and Low
When you mix high-end items with less expensive finds, the pricier pieces set the tone and elevate the entire outfit. Your thrifted skirt will go up a notch when paired with a luxe cashmere sweater. Remember, most thrift store clothes are used, so inspect them well. Make sure the zippers work. Check for missing buttons or ripped seams. Hold the clothing in a well lit area and be certain there are no stains. You are the quality control agent, do a thorough job!

When in Doubt, Buy Black
Black makes everything look a little more refined. Not to mention it offers maximum versatility, and your fashion accessories will literally pop on a classic black and white outfit. Did you know that you can refresh your favorite (faded) black cotton items with black dye?  

Less is More
Opt for as few embellishments as possible and don't depend on trends. Instead, focus your on basic classic pieces, they won’t go out of style as quickly as the latest fashion fads. Understated sophistication is the way to go, regardless of price. 
Natural Fibers
Whenever possible buy staples made from natural fibers like cotton, linen and silk, they’re breathable and feel nice on the body. Acrylic and other synthetics will try to masquerade as luxe, but they tend to pill quickly or pull out of shape.

Tinker Tailor . . . 
Sometimes it pays to buy the lower-priced item and then invest the extra money to have it tailored. The right fit always reflects well on you, no matter the item’s price. It's worth it to have pants hemmed or taken in at the waist.

DIY touches add class
As with most things in life, it’s the little things that count. Your clothes are no exception. Maybe a jacket was inexpensive, but replacing the buttons with more refined notions or swapping the inexpensive attached belt for a real quality leather one will definitely elevate your outfit. 
Buy Handmade Accessories
Cheap accessories are often easy to spot. But handmade fashion accessories are in another league altogether. Why is handmade desirable? Because not only are you getting a quality accessory, you’re practically guaranteed to be the only person wearing it. Plus when you buy handmade you are supporting a creative person. 

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