25 July 2014

Delightfully Lovely Summer

It's lavender season on Planet Joy! Lavender is lovely all year round, especially so when in season. I'll be stitching up some lavender bay sachets with the organic lavender and bay leaves that I cultivate in my garden in the Pacific Northwest. I've got some white dupionni silk and colorful brocade to stitch up into sachets that you can reserve now on Etsy!
Homegrown Organic Herbs
While we're on the subject of fun summer happenings, I've been enjoying some outdoor renewal by the River. A day trip at the confluence of the Rogue and Umpqua Rivers at the Rogue Elk Campground was very relaxing! 
Rogue River in Trail, Oregon
The charming old Rogue Elk Hotel is abandoned and is up for sale, it requires so much work, but it has so much potential. I love the wrap around porch! I hope you are having a good summer, share your adventures with me with a comment below, I'd love to know what you're up to! 
Rogue Elk Hotel
PS. Scoot over to Facebook if you want in on my July ruana sale!

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