31 March 2014

Design Blog : Hang Out Redefined

Erik Nyberg and Gustav Ström designed this floating hammock with a wave-shaped sun shield that offers protection from harmful rays, and maintains high style and comfort. The WAVE is engineered to stand solidly on a single point, making it appear to be floating, but the stainless steel is more than strong enough to support two adults. The semi-transparent canopy fabric is engineered to block 86% of the sun’s rays. That's impressive! 
WAVE by Erik Nyberg and Gustav Ström
Hammocks have come a long way since pre-Columbian natives in South America wove together sheets from the bark of a Hamack tree and strung them up between two poles. Hammocks today are stylishly designed, scientifically engineered and, much more comfortable than lying on bark ever was.

This bohemian hammock was designed by Ieva Laurina, a Latvian designer living in Netherlands. I love its languid almost sculptural design, and the movement of its free flowing form.

The Flex Hammock by Adam Cornish
Made of plywood and rubber, supported by steel cables, it operates like a human spinal column, maximized for comfort and stability.  The Flex Hammock, designed by Adam Cornish for Box and Dice of Sydney was a runner-up for the 2009 Cicely and Colin Rigg Contemporary Design Award, a generous legacy of the late Colin Rigg (1895–1982), a former Secretary of the National Gallery of Victoria Felton Bequests’ Committee. This award is arguably the most prestigious offered to a contemporary designer in Australia
The next best thing to mother's arms

100% organic hammock for newborns by Hushamok. The soothing motion provided by the modern swing relaxes little ones naturally. The Hushamok Baby Hammock is an early development product designed for newborn sleep up to approximately 6 months or a maximum weight of 22 pounds. For best results Hushamok recommends using the product from birth. 
Luxe Leather by Patricia Urquiola

Patricia Urquiola’s luxurious leather hammock would fit in beautifully with my living room furniture.
Siesta by Emanuele Magini
French designer Emanuele Magini's casual outdoor bench hammock called Siesta was exhibited at the Salone Internazionale Del Mobile 2011 in Milan. The Siesta is a cute hammock that keeps pays homage to iconic design of an outdoor park bench.
The WHITE Installation
Architecture students at the California Polytechnic State University filled a 416 square-foot gallery space with this massive hammock made from recycled plastic.  The WHITE project was realized collaboratively by 20 students at the California Polytechnic State University, who fabricated and installed it in just five days. The woven installation is a solution to providing students and faculty a setting to not only read about our projects, but also to enjoy the space,” the group said. Just like a good hammock should! 

Which is your favorite hammock from today's design blog? Where do you like to hang out? Tell us in the comments or join the conversation on Facebook

24 March 2014

Spring Cleaning Feng Shui Style

9 Simple Feng Shui Spring Cleaning Tips
1. The Attitude is Gratitude. Be grateful. Gratitude is the best and fastest way to achieve your goals. It’s important to note the good in any situation. Observing a grateful outlook helps you move forward towards dreams and goals.   

2. Adopt an open door policy. Keep the “ming tang” clear of belongings and leave a generous (6’) clearance on both the outside and the inside to ensure that the energy can flow freely to benefit all of the occupants. 
3. Improve the chi/energy of your home with regular thorough cleaning. It helps to raise the vibration, allowing you to more easily achieve your goals.  
4. Give it away. Donate unused items to the charity of your choice. Your home should reflect who you are and what you want. By clearing unused clutter you will be improving the energy in your home, plus you’ll be donating to a good cause. 
5.  Let the sunshine in. Make sure your home is bright, airy, and well ventilated. Open windows and let natural light in to raise the energy level throughout your home.
French doors wide open Earth Day 2012
6. If you’re stuck, feeling cluttered, and don’t know where to begin, start by emptying just one drawer. It only takes one step forward to fuel the energy and give you momentum to continue streamlining your home of excess items.
7. Go with the flow. A well placed and clean water feature such as a fountain, pool, pond, etc. can give positive effect for money, relationships and health. Add or upgrade a water feature in your home, a Feng Shui expert can be of assistance to make sure it is well placed for most benefit. 
8. Go Green. A thoughtfully landscaped home ensures that your home is being supported from the outside, make sure you have thick landscaping, retaining wall or wood fencing all the way around your property. This will ensure that the energy stays on your property and will help you achieve your goals with money, relationships and health.
Lush summer landscape on Planet Joy 
9.  Keep family pictures out of the bedroom to add spice to your love life! The bedroom should be your respite from the work-a-day world, used only for rest and intimacy put the non-essentials and photos in the family room.

Share your tips, tricks and the results from your spring cleaning in the comment below or join the conversation on Facebook

10 March 2014

Don't Break the Bank

Unless You are Winning at Monte Carlo
You don't have to break the bank to look your best. While there are certain items worth the investment (outerwear, boots), you don’t have to spend a fortune to have a chic wardrobe. If you follow these simple strategies, it’s within your power to create the look and style of a high-end wardrobe on a budget. The trick is to know which items to buy for less — and how to wear them.
Try out these style ideas. Comment with your favorite style tips! 
Mix High and Low
When you mix high-end items with less expensive finds, the pricier pieces set the tone and elevate the entire outfit. Your thrifted skirt will go up a notch when paired with a luxe cashmere sweater. Remember, most thrift store clothes are used, so inspect them well. Make sure the zippers work. Check for missing buttons or ripped seams. Hold the clothing in a well lit area and be certain there are no stains. You are the quality control agent, do a thorough job!

When in Doubt, Buy Black
Black makes everything look a little more refined. Not to mention it offers maximum versatility, and your fashion accessories will literally pop on a classic black and white outfit. Did you know that you can refresh your favorite (faded) black cotton items with black dye?  

Less is More
Opt for as few embellishments as possible and don't depend on trends. Instead, focus your on basic classic pieces, they won’t go out of style as quickly as the latest fashion fads. Understated sophistication is the way to go, regardless of price. 
Natural Fibers
Whenever possible buy staples made from natural fibers like cotton, linen and silk, they’re breathable and feel nice on the body. Acrylic and other synthetics will try to masquerade as luxe, but they tend to pill quickly or pull out of shape.

Tinker Tailor . . . 
Sometimes it pays to buy the lower-priced item and then invest the extra money to have it tailored. The right fit always reflects well on you, no matter the item’s price. It's worth it to have pants hemmed or taken in at the waist.

DIY touches add class
As with most things in life, it’s the little things that count. Your clothes are no exception. Maybe a jacket was inexpensive, but replacing the buttons with more refined notions or swapping the inexpensive attached belt for a real quality leather one will definitely elevate your outfit. 
Buy Handmade Accessories
Cheap accessories are often easy to spot. But handmade fashion accessories are in another league altogether. Why is handmade desirable? Because not only are you getting a quality accessory, you’re practically guaranteed to be the only person wearing it. Plus when you buy handmade you are supporting a creative person. 

20 February 2014

Joy Hand Painted Silk Seaside Collection

Introducing a new limited edition of hand painted silks by Joy Light.
The Seaside Collection is inspired by the beach, collecting shells has been a lifelong reverie. Beginning at a young age on the shore in New Jersey. We would go searching for shells and Cape May Diamonds.
Sunset Beach, NJ
Cape May Diamonds are not diamonds at all, but pieces of quartz crystal are broken off from veins and pockets by the swift running waters of mountain streams in the upper reaches of the Delaware river. We prized finding them as kids.
Charmeuse poncho styled as a scarf
The collection is designed to bring you a touch of serenity from a memory of the sea. Find the Seaside Collection online via Etsy. Or contact me to create a custom scarf or wrap just for you, in your colors!
Detail of scallop shell & starfish
As a young adult I beach-combed in Southern California where storms at sea would occasionally wash up treasures from the deep.
Charmeuse Hand Painted Poncho
 Tropical vacations to Hawaii and the Yucatan Peninsula introduced me to other varieties of seashells over the years.
Work in progress - Seaside Collection
The Seaside Collection is whimsical, combining stylized scallop and nautilus shells, representing the tranquility that comes from beach walks and contemplating the waves rolling into the shore.
Seaside Collection : Crepe de chine poncho

Crepe de chine poncho styled as a scarf
You can wear the Seaside collection year round to remind you to embrace the optimistic outlook that comes from time spent watching a sunset in warm weather climate.
Detail scallop shells

Sungold crepe sarong
I'd love to hear from you what your favorite shell beaches are, please share in the comment section or let's chat about it on Facebook!

17 February 2014

Joyflower Loves Etsy Treasury

February is a wintry mix. 
Hoarfrost lingering in the trees
[Photo : Alex Hartmann]
Here in Oregon we have occasional warmish days when the garden beckons me to trim and train the landscape, and there are days filled with non-stop rain. Of course there are the holidays, notably St. Valentines Day (my favorite) and President's Day (yawn).

February has been a record breaking month for Etsy Treasury love for Joyflower! In today's post I will highlight a great number of creative colleagues I know via Etsy and I hope you will also enjoy how we share our love of handmade by curating "Treasuries" of one another's work. 
All Things Beautiful 
All Things Beautiful from my talented colleague Kety Bagwalla of Vivid Silks, features my one of a kind Tequila Sunrise Shibori Silk Gown. 
Blue Cloud by Vitrine 
Blue Cloud  by Vitrine Modern Gemstone Jewelry featuring Joyflower Silver and Turquoise Peacock  Feather Shawl.
Dragon's Breath
Dragons Breath, inspired by Fire Opals by Dana from Wind Dancer Studios  featuring (again!) my Foxglove infinity shawl. 

Featuring by LunaEssence
Harbingers of Spring in Featuring, a treasury curated by Diana Saputo of LunaEssence  and founder of Lunaessence Arts & Crafts Worldwide Expo Group, a cooperative of artists promoting handmade via multiple platforms online. 
Featuring my Deposit for Special Order. I love to create custom color combinations on scarves or yardage. You can send swatches or images, we'll negotiate the details. 

Red and Flowers for Valentine's Day  
Phung Nhi of The Callenders Flowers  created a festive Red and Flower for Valentine's Day treasury featuring my Fancy Silk Lavender-Bay Silk Sachets. 

Women in Business Team Treasury
Women in Business team is always active, Thanks to Lisa Beslagic of LiDakatoaDesigns  
feat. Joyflower Orchid Pink Hand Painted SIlk Scarf, do you notice a trend, Radiant Orchid, the Pantone color of the year is very popular!

Love who you Love,  Love what you Love 

Love…Love… Love... Love by Judy Aussenhoferfrom AussenWolf Designs featuring my best selling small accessory Golden Sand Mini-Scarflette
Lovefest Multi-Team Marathon BNR Party
Giftbearer creates wonderful multi-team promotional treasuries. This BNR Marathon features my hand painted silk Infinity Shawl in a color palette I call Ember. 
Joyflower Valentine's Day Picks
I curated a few treasuries this month myself, sometimes I curate a treasury to repay the kindness of my fellow creatives, sometimes I curate based on whimsey! I focused on the theme of Love and Valentines Day this month. 

Love is in the Air

Radiant Orchid Mood
Radiant Orchid Mood ia another Radiant Orchid inspired treasury by Susan from Pippin Post Featuring Joyflower Misty Orchid Infinity Shawl

Pink Hart
Take a closer look at Pink Hart by Anat Kisch from Nata fashion has a fun twist to their collection. Featuring my sophisticated Driftwood Infinity Shawl - new for spring!
Purple Delight
Purple Delight by My Divine Inspiration features my Foxglove Infinity Shawl among others.
Purple Orchid
Purple Orchid is another beautiful treasury curated by by Carolin of Cute as a Button featuring my new design, the Infinity Shawl in Foxglove from the Joysilk Fire Collection
Sharing the Love, Right Back Atcha
Sharing the Love, Right back Atcha classic by Fiona Stolze of silkandart 
Feat. Plummy Reversible Silk Shawl. Deep blue and purple reminiscent of amethyst and aquamarine. 

Valentine's Day Picks from The Artisan Group (TAG)
My petite Orchid Pink Hand Painted Silk Scarf is in good company with the beautiful, one of a kind gifts that were selected for this Valentines Day (but perfect for all occasions) Treasury, gifts from the talented members of The Artisan Group (TAG)  by Jessica Croft from The Prismatic Peacock.

05 February 2014

Beat the Winter Blues!

Repel the Doldrums of the Season
If you’re like me, you may be feeling a bit blah from the bleak winter weather (unless you’re a lucky duck hailing from a tropical locale). A combination of freezing outdoor temps, short days and over-heated indoor atmospheres creates dry skin and chapped lips, not to mention bleak moods. 

The silver lining? You don’t have to wait for warmer weather, or spend a lot of time or money in order to break out of the winter blahs. Sometimes it can be as simple as choosing a new shade of lip color, wearing a colorful scarf or giving your skin a little extra attention. 
Here are some tried and true beauty ideas that can give your routine, your wardrobe (and your mood) a boost.

Renew Your Lip Color
Just because it's dark and dreary outside, your lip color needn’t match the weather. Actually, try one that is just the opposite. 
Summer's wonderful because the warm weather naturally enhances your beauty. The sun provides Vitamin D, a natural mood-booster that adds color to your skin, and humidity, while doing a number on your hair, is also good for your skin. But the winter months can be depleting.
Lipstick is by far the quickest and easiest way to brighten up your complexion, and your overall look! Add a juicy new shade of lipstick, or try a sexy neutral lip. Check out Harper's Bazaar stylist guide to great nude lip colors. Look for one with a rich moisturizer. 

Reveal Your Skin
A gentle exfoliant, used properly can enhance your makeup and skin, especially in winter. A light exfoliation on your face (also wonderful on your body) a couple times a week will remove dry, dead skin cells that can dull your complexion. An exfoliating mask deeply cleanses your skin and helps reduce and eliminate blackheads as well as other potential skin problems. Look for a gentle exfoliator like, or an exfoliating mask. To keep my skin bright and glowing in the depths of winter, I make sure to  include an overnight mask of Yonka’s Gommage, rub it off in the a.m. for a deeply moisturizing and gentle exfoliating treatment.

Refresh Your Style
Winter is perfect scarf-wearing weather. A scarf be worn in numerous ways to add a chic edge to your basic wardrobe pieces.  Make a statement, wear a distinctive scarf with your usual "uniform" and enjoy the compliments you will hear. You can purchase something new or a pick scarf that has been languishing in the back of your closet! Whether you choose to wear a work of wearable-art or something from a thrift store, you will turn heads and hear lots of compliments when you add a bit of color to your style! 

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15 November 2013

Design Blog : Kitchen Spaces

If you live in a small space you know how important design is. What is necessary? How do you organize it? Not to mention storage. I live in an 800 sqft. modern cottage and I love to look at great design to gather inspiration.  Here is my italian full-body porcelain tiled kitchen counters, custom alder cabinetry and Besa pendant lights.
I designed this awesome modern cottage with Sterling Gate Design
I love the natural clean lines of the Clearlake iT house, the balanced lighting makes Terry Ohm's prefab kitchen seem much larger than it really is.
Can you believe it's only 12.5' x 14' Photo: Noah Webb
Lighting is vital especially in small spaces. To display or to obscure, is the question many collectors and cooks face. The dark floor and clean lines in this open plan kitchen's minimizes visual clutter, while the use of bright sunny colors and natural wood allows the collections of functional objects to be fully appreciated. 
Architect David Anand Peterson designed the custom millwork & shelving Photo: Naomi Finlay
The dining cooking and living space in this San Francisco residence is only 500 sqft. Natural finishes with strong features, like the reclaimed knotted cypress cabinetry with the classic black veined carerra marble counters and walls reflect in the sliding glass wall and gives the effect of extending the room outdoors. 
Architect Craig Steely plays hide & reveal Photo:Ian Allen
Get stoked on good design, check out Dwell's special issue A Design Guidebook for more inspiration for not only the kitchen but for your entire house!