11 April 2018

Wear Periwinkle - April is Esophageal Cancer Awareness Month

I'll bet you didn't know that April is Esophageal Cancer Awareness Month, did you? 

I've been working on a special project as a fundraiser for ECAware.org, the Esophageal Cancer Awareness Association to coincide with EC Awareness month in April. They commissioned me to create two different sizes of periwinkle silk shawls featuring the heartfelt saying "courage from deep within endures forever", "ecaware.org" and the organizations own logo. Now you can wear Periwinkle! 

Periwinkle Blue Dupioni Silk

ECAware.org is dedicated to helping patients, caregivers, survivors, family members and anyone at-risk for the disease. ECAA is run by tireless volunteers with a goal to create a community of survivors patients and caregivers that can provide support and information while also increasing awareness of the disease. 

Hand stenciled in silver and gold
The first limited edition collection of five supremely soft and sumptuous 36 inch square Raw Silk Scarves and five gorgeous petite Dupioni Shawls measuring 12 x 72 inches. Look for them online at ecaware.org.
Some of the scarves feature my logo!

05 January 2018

2017 in Review

TGIF peeps, wow, it's already the First Friday of 2018! I'm moving my studio from Planet Joy in Ashland to a rural location just an hour north. I am excited to work in a clear open space and see what the muse brings to Miata Studios.

I want to share a few standout projects from 2017 to showcase the variety of projects that I have been able to create. First of all, thanks to my customers, I had stupendous clients in 2017! They came from many different avenues, some clients find me via Facebook, be they fans, friends or friends of friends, some of my clients are beloved repeat customers, some find my Etsy shop Joyflower. 

My first special project, was a referral from an esteemed fellow silk painter. This charmeuse shawl for was specially designed by the Mother of the Bride for a black tie wedding to be held at a game preserve in South Africa!

Click this link and scroll left and right to see the photos that inspired this bold shawls (photos by the mother of the bride) you'll see that I captured the essence of her dress and accessories. The shawl is customized with the couple's names and the date of the ceremony.

Another superb project came from a friend on Facebook. The request for a Celtic Dragon Sarong. from a fellow from Michigan. I enjoyed creating it from his vision, which was based on his own dragon tattoo. Celtic knots on both the short sides of the sarong to anchor the dragon into the multi-colored azure background. 
Click this link then scroll left and right to see a few photos of the custom sized ruana on Facebook.

I made another custom item for an Etsy client who requested custom sizing for a ruana for a cruise. The colors were opulent and she requested glittering gold details on the peacock feathers.

In late spring I embarked on a sizeable custom project for wonderful clients, a womens' group that I have been working with since they found me in 2013! Check out this short promotional video that highlights the process of making a special ritual object for the Kohenet instructors. 

I created 13 customized ruanas for the Kohenet initiates. This is an all consuming project where I set aside special time in my studio to create the ritual garments for their initiation ceremony. In 2017 I was honored by the Kohenet Institute's adoption and renaming of my (modified) ruana as their official ritual garment. While it is still a ruana, it is now known as a Kanfot in this woman's group. The supersized ruana in the video above is their Kanfot Rabbot and will be used to wrap the Torah and in ceremonies. Follow this link to see more blog posts featuring Kohenet. 

A commissioned silk shawl for a special gift for mother's 80th birthday came from another repeat customer. It was co-designed by her grand daughters, who conceptualized the colors and Kokopelli motif.  One of the young ladies also assisted painting the silk fabric with me in my studio. The shawl is a bit large for g-ma, but it is a perfect home decor accent as a table runner in her lovely Sonoran desert home. 

A special project, again for the mother of the bride was fun and exciting, since it was for a wedding in Hawaii! The MOB chose a flower motif, she wanted it to be very artistic and gave me her color palette and gave me license to create. The photo on the right below is the original artwork that gave me inspiration for this special garment.  Click here to see some behind-the-scenes images of the design process and production. 

And the final project of 2017 was also for a repeat customer who has been purchasing silk throws for the bedroom from me for over a decade. The throws always are designed to coordinate with her husband's paintings. This is a large throw for a queen sized bed. It looks beautiful in her designer home. 

Warmest regards to all, and may you and those who are close to you be blessed in 2018.

Custom orders welcomed! 

14 August 2017

Custom Made Hand Painted Silk for Kohenet 2017

Do you know the feeling when you wear something that is custom made just for you? 

You feel special every time, because you know that by having a hand painted silk garment in your wardrobe you will always look terrific, and be unique! 

Wearing an original painting, an art to wear designer textile, is where art and luxury come together. 

Today, I want to share with you a project that I'm very proud of using fine silk chiffon as my canvas. 

I produced 13 custom made Ruanas for a Hebrew women's group. (Click here for more information on the women's group.) After working with the Hebrew Priestess Institute for over 6 years, they decided they would adopt my best selling style, the ruana as their official ordination garment, and have renamed it Kanfot, to fit in with their culture! 
Group Ordination for Kohenet 2017

Everyone chose their own color scheme according to their personal desire, some chose classic color combinations from my Natura Collections which are showcased on my website www.joysilk.com.
Earthsong is the inspiration for this custom color combination. 

I worked with individuals to creat custom color combinations as dictated by their imagination.  
Swatches were made as a first step towards creating the golden yellow ruana in the photograph below.
 Hand Painted Silk Ruanas are perfect for special occasions, also make a fabulous choice for everyday comfort and style. Because they take up a small space in luggage, they make an ideal travel garment. Ruanas are also frequently chosen for wedding attire by the mother of the bride or groom or wedding attendants. 

I offer custom sizing, please contact me for additional information or to place your order today. 

08 April 2017

When Clea Was a Puppy -

Clea is about 10 weeks old in this photo, she loved to climb up behind me in the car. 
This is a painting of me and Clea 

Posing on the pillow. 

Profile pose on the velvet chair

Clea on her silk cushion. 

Such a little doll!

Love her little tail! 

So small, and such beautiful posture!

I was entranced with this pup when she was a baby! 

She is such a pretty girl! 

Clea has always loved her toys, only chewed shoes once!

Those eyes!

This tiny bed/pouch worked for a few weeks!
Clea is an Alaska Klee Kai x Keeshond, now over 2 years old and 16 pounds, fully grown. Puppy time lasts such a short while... I remember when Clea first came home to live with us. She would go to work with me in my purse before she was big enough to go to work with Colin. I am so very glad I got to bond with her!

05 December 2016

Gifts of the Season

Spread Holiday Cheer!
Gift Giving is but One of the Traditions We Enjoy at this Magical Time of Year! 

Give the gift of a luxury hand painted silk fashion accessory from Joyflower!

During the month of December receive a Gift w/Purchase via Etsy. 

Each and Every Purchase will receive a special Gift in December!
$50 and under receive a Lavender Bay Sachet
$50-200 receive Sachet + Pendant w/chain
$200 and over receive Sachet + Pendant + Small Silk Scarf

Keep in mind shipping deadline for Christmas arrival is December 20. 

06 September 2016

Limited Edition Hand-dyed Silk Boas

Get more compliments when you wear one of a kind fashion accessories!

You've never seen anything like it - you've never felt anything as soft and luxe as this!
Turn your fashion accent into a Fashion Statement!

Hand-dyed silk -- tasseled silk mesh and triple-layered chiffon. Dyed by-hand in delicious colors, deconstructed and sewn to hand-dyed silk ribbon. 

No two are alike and this is a limited edition! 
A virtual rainbow of hand-dyed silks
Aurora Red Silk Boa
Super soft, fluffy and fun, a silk boa is comfortable and stylish. 
Rich shades of rose, aurora red and coral.  
Bodacious is one of Pantone's colors for F/W 2016. 
Gorgeous shades of bright rich purple with hints of sophisticated pink.

Pastel Aqua Silk Boa
This one of a kind silk boa is softly delightful and very wearable. 
Approximately 60 inches long.
Available for purchase exclusively via Etsy
Earthsong colorway is already sold out!
Cinnamon Mocha Silk Boa
Made of deconstructed hand-dyed tasseled silk mesh and triple-layered chiffon. 
Super soft and there is nothing as soft as silk next to your skin!
Amber Hand-dyed Silk
One of a kind warm earthy colors, reminds me of caramel! Super soft and silky!

Blue Steel Hand-dyed silk
This color is so hard to describe... it's blueish-grey with a touch of green with hints of terra cotta. Please comment which name you like the best:
1. Moss Agate
2. Blue Steel
3. Sharkskin

22 August 2016

Santa Fe Collection for Back-to-School

Summer is a fun and busy time, have you been exploring or traveling this summer? What would you like to do before summer is over?

On Planet Joy, the garden is in full swing and silks for the Santa Fe Opera gift shop have been on my work tables for the past couple of weeks! I created a collection of signature Ruanas for the gift shop and the Santa Fe Collection of coordinating scarves are available now for back-to-school via Etsy and Opensky online.

Timelessly styled as a neckline bow
Fabric cuffs are on-trend this season.

Shop the Joyflower Back to School Sale. Save $10 with coupon code BACK2SCHOOL
Stack discounts to save more on one of a kind hand painted silk ponchos when you use coupon code BACK2SCHOOL. Ponchos prices have been slashed to half-off for our End of Summer sale to make room for new fall styles and colors!
One of a kind hand painted silk ponchos, prices slashed to half off. 
That's all for now, stay cool, and cultivate wellness. Tell your beloveds that you care about them. Every day is precious!
Love, Joy