19 September 2013

Aloha Ke Akua - Medicine for the people

Nahko Bear (Medicine for the People) ღ Aloha Ke Akua

A compilation of stills from the compelling music video by Nahko Bear – Spectacular visuals with haunting lyrics Nahko weaves together a powerful message that will remain etched into your soul.
Music by Nahko Bear- Aloha Ke Akua. 
Visual production by The Mates Group for Estrellas Del Bicentario.
Lend your ears, lend your hands,
Lend your movement, anything you can. Come to teach, come to be taught. Come in the likeness in the image of *od. Because, you can be like that.  With all that humblenss, and all that respect.
The more I understand about the human race, the less I comprehend about our purpose and place
. . . I cry for the creatures who get left behind but everything will change in a blink of an eye and if you wish to survive, you will find the guide inside.
I go back and forth every single day
the clarity that comes to me in a choppy way, as the feelings and places and the seasons change, the galaxies remain. . . What is the purpose and would you believe it . . . I'll stay persistent, and I'll make a difference and I will have lived it.
Aloha,Aloha, Ke Akua Ke Akua, Aloha,Aloha, Kuleana Kuleana
Aloha Aloha, Ke Akua, Ke Akua, Aloha, Aloha, Kuleana, Kuleana
Each day that I wake, I will praise I will praise. Each day that I wake, I give thanks I give thanks.
Each day that I wake I will praise. Each day tht I wake, I give thanks. 

Ke Akua



Each day that I wake I will praise

Each day that I wake I give thanks

I am capable, I am powerful

Aloha Ke Akua

Aloha Kuleana

Shot in Mexico with Phantom & Red One Cameras.

04 September 2013

Wedding Shawl Commission - Passionate Peacock

Custom orders are good and sometimes they take a little extra time and consideration. This shawl is for a September bride. The bride-to-be specified the peacock feather motif and the colors to include the color of her gown and red to symbolize passion on a white background and left the design up to me. 
The shawl is 100% silk, chiffon edged with satin trim all the way around. It's versatile, lightweight and airy and may be tied and draped many ways as shown below.
Detail of hand painted peacock feather on silk
 Custom orders for bespoke and designer fashion accessories are welcomed via my boutique on Etsy or via my website! For wedding attire inquiries, please allow adequate time for design and production. 

Good things take time!