15 November 2013

Design Blog : Kitchen Spaces

If you live in a small space you know how important design is. What is necessary? How do you organize it? Not to mention storage. I live in an 800 sqft. modern cottage and I love to look at great design to gather inspiration.  Here is my italian full-body porcelain tiled kitchen counters, custom alder cabinetry and Besa pendant lights.
I designed this awesome modern cottage with Sterling Gate Design
I love the natural clean lines of the Clearlake iT house, the balanced lighting makes Terry Ohm's prefab kitchen seem much larger than it really is.
Can you believe it's only 12.5' x 14' Photo: Noah Webb
Lighting is vital especially in small spaces. To display or to obscure, is the question many collectors and cooks face. The dark floor and clean lines in this open plan kitchen's minimizes visual clutter, while the use of bright sunny colors and natural wood allows the collections of functional objects to be fully appreciated. 
Architect David Anand Peterson designed the custom millwork & shelving Photo: Naomi Finlay
The dining cooking and living space in this San Francisco residence is only 500 sqft. Natural finishes with strong features, like the reclaimed knotted cypress cabinetry with the classic black veined carerra marble counters and walls reflect in the sliding glass wall and gives the effect of extending the room outdoors. 
Architect Craig Steely plays hide & reveal Photo:Ian Allen
Get stoked on good design, check out Dwell's special issue A Design Guidebook for more inspiration for not only the kitchen but for your entire house!

02 November 2013

Traditions: El Dia de los Muertos - Day of the Dead

On October 31, All Hallows Eve, the children make a children's altar to invite the angelitos (spirits of dead children) to come back for a visit. November 1 is All Saints Day, and the adult spirits will come to visit. November 2 is All Souls Day, when families go to the cemetery to decorate the graves and tombs of their relatives. The three-day fiesta filled with marigolds, the flowers of the dead; muertos (the bread of the dead); sugar skulls; cardboard skeletons; tissue paper decorations; fruit and nuts; incense, and other traditional foods and decorations.  

Some people believe possessing Day of the Dead items can bring good luck. Many people get tattoos or have dolls of the dead to carry with them. They also clean their houses and prepare the favorite dishes of their deceased loved ones to place upon their altar or ofrenda. Many other cultures around the world have similar traditions of a day set aside to visit the graves of deceased family members. Often included in these traditions are celebrations, food and beverages, in addition to prayers and remembrances of the departed. 

A common symbol of the holiday is the skull (in Spanish calavera), and foods such as sugar or chocolate skulls, which are inscribed with the name of the recipient on the forehead. Sugar skulls as gifts can be given to both the living and the dead. Other holiday foods include pan de muerto, a sweet egg bread made in various shapes from plain rounds to skulls and rabbits, often decorated with white frosting to look like twisted bones.

Links and Original Story from Dana Holmes story in The Huffington Post 

19 September 2013

Aloha Ke Akua - Medicine for the people

Nahko Bear (Medicine for the People) ღ Aloha Ke Akua

A compilation of stills from the compelling music video by Nahko Bear – Spectacular visuals with haunting lyrics Nahko weaves together a powerful message that will remain etched into your soul.
Music by Nahko Bear- Aloha Ke Akua. 
Visual production by The Mates Group for Estrellas Del Bicentario.
Lend your ears, lend your hands,
Lend your movement, anything you can. Come to teach, come to be taught. Come in the likeness in the image of *od. Because, you can be like that.  With all that humblenss, and all that respect.
The more I understand about the human race, the less I comprehend about our purpose and place
. . . I cry for the creatures who get left behind but everything will change in a blink of an eye and if you wish to survive, you will find the guide inside.
I go back and forth every single day
the clarity that comes to me in a choppy way, as the feelings and places and the seasons change, the galaxies remain. . . What is the purpose and would you believe it . . . I'll stay persistent, and I'll make a difference and I will have lived it.
Aloha,Aloha, Ke Akua Ke Akua, Aloha,Aloha, Kuleana Kuleana
Aloha Aloha, Ke Akua, Ke Akua, Aloha, Aloha, Kuleana, Kuleana
Each day that I wake, I will praise I will praise. Each day that I wake, I give thanks I give thanks.
Each day that I wake I will praise. Each day tht I wake, I give thanks. 

Ke Akua



Each day that I wake I will praise

Each day that I wake I give thanks

I am capable, I am powerful

Aloha Ke Akua

Aloha Kuleana

Shot in Mexico with Phantom & Red One Cameras.

04 September 2013

Wedding Shawl Commission - Passionate Peacock

Custom orders are good and sometimes they take a little extra time and consideration. This shawl is for a September bride. The bride-to-be specified the peacock feather motif and the colors to include the color of her gown and red to symbolize passion on a white background and left the design up to me. 
The shawl is 100% silk, chiffon edged with satin trim all the way around. It's versatile, lightweight and airy and may be tied and draped many ways as shown below.
Detail of hand painted peacock feather on silk
 Custom orders for bespoke and designer fashion accessories are welcomed via my boutique on Etsy or via my website! For wedding attire inquiries, please allow adequate time for design and production. 

Good things take time!

28 August 2013

JoySilk 2000+ Facebook Fan's Giveaway

Wow, time flies when you are having FUN! All the new fans loving on our Joy Silk Facebook page has put us in a very good mood, so we are having major giveaway! I'm using Rafflecopter to run the contest, so all you have to do is follow the rules of entry, and there are options for daily entries to increase your chances of winning! See the prizes on our new Fashion Accessory Giveaway Prizes board on Pinterest

 a Rafflecopter giveaway

Share the news and enter to win one of two awesome prizes!

First prize is one of my hand painted silk scarves, and the second prize is a pair of Jewellery by JoySilk earrings. Thanks in advance for your interest and participation and I am wishing you GOOD LUCK!

Designer art-to-wear silk scarves

27 August 2013

Award winning Etsy Treasury by Joyflower on Etsy! It's a Madcap Life!

Joyflower Madcap Color Challenge 
I love surprises like this: I won the award for my Color Monday Treasury from It's a Madcap Life team on Etsy. Thanks to team leader, Jessica of Changing Vases for organizing Madcap activity!

16 August 2013

Treasuring August with my posse on Etsy

I have a tremendously talented creative posse, you can find them in all the usual places you find folks like us. We tend to congregate at art festivals, on Etsy, and assorted social media hangouts.

In case you missed it, Etsy has recently gone through a major re-design, some cool features that enhance the experience for buyers looking for the coolest and freshest handmade gifts and accessories and for sellers. I think the new dashboard is so COOL! Curating small collections of the wonderful hand made things that my brilliant posse creates for sale on Etsy is FUN!
Joyflower Summer Fun Treasury
I'm a team player, and this Summer Fun Treasury features jewelry and more from members of Women in Business (WIB) and The Artisan Group (TAG) teams.

I love the way I can tailor the treasury to my whimsical way of thinking, like I did with Once in a Blue Moon a treasury that was inspired by the moon shaped cookies by Crumbtastic (whose favorite material is sugar!) and full moon trivia since the moon is waxing towards full.
Joyflower Once in a Blue Moon
The Artisan Group posse is always hobnobbing with celebs at events such as The Emmy's and The Oscar's, the CMA's and quite a few of it's members are becoming the darling of wardrobe stylists for The Vampire Diaries and Scandal to name a couple. This fabulous team also creates color themed treasuries, and you're certain to find pleasing gifts and treats amongst the selections including bath & body, jewelry, fashion accessories, pet accessories and more!
Joyflower Amber Silk Ruana
My Amber hand painted silk ruana from the Earth Collection is featured in Indian Summer Accessories, Art & A Lot of Great Stuff by The Artisan Group. Hand painted silk ruanas are made to order, commissions are welcome. TAG's Black and White with Shades of Grey is très chic  a and features my versatile Joyflower Silver Mini-scarflette along with gorgeous jewelry and fancy soaps from The Artisan Group members.
Joyflower Silver Mini Scarflette
As colleagues, we often shop in each others stores, and we certainly recommend it to our fans by creating these fabulous treasuries! My hand painted silk Water Collection ruana or shawl is featured in A Sea of Blue and Green thanks to Jessica Croft of The Prismatic Peacock. I was super thrilled to find that my shibori triangle fringed hip scarf is featured in not one, but two treasuries this month, by Ms Karen of New York in her gorgeous Aqua treasury and Only Blue Skies Above Me by The Artisan Group.
Joyflower Shibori Scarf
Kim at Metalmorphis included my magenta & cobalt blue mini-scarflette  in her glowing treasury Shades of Purple, Teal, and Pink, and dear Dobromira Ivanova of Vintage Inspiration curated two treasuries including my work; Colors of the world features my Heather Collection hand painted silk ruana in Dance with the wolves features my Amber Ruana again!!
Magical "blush"
Not to be missed, as shy as she may be, JB Bustamonte curated My Colors are Blush & Bashful... featuring my very wearable coral scarflette and other personal and home accessories in this gorgeous shade of blush.

Keep abreast of your favorite artisans on Etsy, it's a blast!

PS. Posse. . . leave your links in the comments below and enjoy the rest of your summer!