31 May 2012

Richard Patrick Light - In Memoriam 1942-2012

A Memorial service was held in Glen Park, in Cardiff-by-the-Sea, California on July 31, 2012.

We had a paddle out to his favorite surf spot "suck-outs" at Cardiff Reef on August 1, 2012. 
August 2011 on the "TJ shuttle" with Rob A. 
‎"For what is it to die, but to stand in the sun and melt into the wind?
And when the earth has claimed our limbs, then shall we truly dance."

- Khalil Gibran

My father, Pat Light, went to his final rest in Mexico last week. He was a good hearted guy that loved surfing in warm waters. He was purple heart award veteran of the Viet Nam war. 
We always enjoyed spending time at the pool or the beach together. 
He was greatly loved and will be dearly missed.

Pat with Cousin Kim, this is his sister Susan's daughter. 

22 May 2012

"Hope is the anchor of the soul, the stimulus to action and the incentive to achievement."

You might infer from my given name Kristin Joy Light, that I am a positive and upward looking person. I was not born that way, nor was I was brought up to be that way. I learned how to find joy amidst life's sorrows. To realize that even on a gray day, the sun is shining above the clouds. Spring always follows winter. So if you have been enduring a very trying season, I want to encourage you to hold on. When you feel you can run no more, the finish line is nearer than ever. Here I present spring flowers from the gardens on Planet Joy. 

The flowers that appear in my garden each spring inspire hope! May you also be inspired!

Forsythia and daffodils
The very first flowers to appear are the violets, they blossom in late winter and did you know that if you steep the flowers in hot water you will enjoy a most delicate and delightful tea. Next winter, before spring arrives, pluck a handful and try, the scent and flavor from a half-dozen violet blossoms will transport you to a warm sunny disposition!
Hyacinth and daffodils 
Hyacinth was my maternal grandmother's favorite flower, that, and liatris, she favored purple, magenta, lilac colored flowers. Here is a magenta hyacinth with some early daffs in the woodland garden on Planet Joy.
Delicate pink clematis vine 
The landscape here on Planet Joy is a well established garden that was planted in the 50's when the house was built. I've been making some small additions, such as this lovely clematis that was a gift from a friend, this year I resisted the urge to prune it and it has rewarded my restraint with a glorious bounty of variegated pale pink flowers! Did you know that proceeds from the sale of all our pink scarves and jewellery benefits breast cancer research
Dicentra, commonly known as bleeding hearts
Another tender beauty, pink bleeding hearts. The colors feed my senses and inspire my silk painting, like the purple iris below,  you can see how it almost perfectly reflects the distressed hand painted silk boa on the bodice.
Misty Orchid Silk Boa 
Garden Photo Shoot during the Annular Eclipse 5/20/12
I am learning to be a better photographer, I try to shoot in natural light whenever possible, on Sunday, I thought I'd experiment in the unusual lighting conditions of the Annular Eclipse as it was viewable from my home. The light was a bit flat, but it was fun to try a new location and set up for the photo shoot.
Towering Clematis Vine 
Coral Geranium
I planted two coral geraniums in footed urns this year. 
I like to keep a pop of color handy to provide inspiration!
Iris in the bud

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom” -Ana├»s Nin

Iris blossoms 
Annular Eclipse Patio Photo Shoot
Dogwood Flower Crepe Poncho with Vintage Romance Silk flower headband 
Buddha nestled in clematis flowers
Spring inspired crepe poncho worn as a scarf
Roses, Dogwood and Peacock Feather Motif Poncho
Gorgeous Dogwood Silk Poncho
Idyllic Spring Garden Photo Shoot
I will leave you with one of my favorite poems by Hafiz, a beautiful mystic sufi poet from Persia 

It Felt Love

Did the rose
Ever open its heart

And give to this world
All its

It felt the encouragement of light
Against its

We all remain



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21 May 2012

Annular Solar Eclipse - New Moon in Gemini

The sun and moon aligned over the Earth in a rare astronomical event on Sunday - an annular eclipse that dimmed the skies over parts of Asia and North America, briefly turning the sun into a blazing ring of fire. 
Steven Addington, Ashland, Oregon

Steven Addington, Ashland, Oregon
Steven Addington, Ashland, Oregon
Paul Landau Photography, Sonoran Desert

As seen from space
Larry Turner Photography, Cave Creek, AZ
Larry Turner Photography, Cave Creek, AZ
Greg Jackson, NWS Midland TX
Jack Leishman, Mt. Lassen, OR
Roswell, New Mexico 
Tokyo Japan
NZ 11.47am 21st AUST EST 9.47am 21st GMT 11.47pm MAY 20th
ECLIPSE TIME NZ 11.53am 21st AUST EST 9.53am 21st GMT/UTC 11.53pm MAY 20th

Eclipses of some type occur almost every year, but stargazers have not seen an annular - shaped like a ring -eclipse on U.S. soil since 1994, and the next one is not to occur until 2023. That is because the phenomenon requires a particular set of orbital dynamics, NASA Space Scientist Jeffrey Newmark said.
An annular eclipse occurs when the moon's orbit is at its furthest point from the Earth and closer to the much larger sun. That juxtaposition allows the moon to block more than 90 percent of the sun's rays when the two orbs slide into alignment.
"It's like moving your fist in front of your eyes," Newmark said. "You can block out the view of a whole mountain. It's the same kind of effect."
The eclipse was first visible over southern Asia and then moved across the Pacific. Travelling on a diagonal path, it later crossed parts of Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico before disappearing in Texas with the sunset.
Day did not turn into night. But light faded as the moon slid in front of the sun, much like turning down a dimmer switch, and then slowly returned as the moon moved away.
A view of the so-called "ring of fire" spectacle at the eclipse's peak, however, lasted about four minutes, and even then was only visible to viewers positioned along the centreline of the eclipse's path. Shadows cast from trees and bushes will contain thousands of tiny odd crescents, as the spaces between leaves become pinhole cameras.
This eclipse is the first of several spectacular heavenly phenomena this year. A partial lunar eclipse will occur in two weeks on June 4 and, a day later, the rare transit of Venus will take place. On Nov. 13, the Earth will experience a total solar eclipse. Unfortunately, that one will only be visible over a small patch of land in northern Australia. Finally, a penumbral lunar eclipse will take place on Nov. 28.

17 May 2012

Close to our Heart

St. Andrews Girls: The Other Guys Charity Single
I got a tweet today from a friend of mine whose niece is a member of the University of St. Andrews Capella Group, The Other Guys.  She sent me their just released music video...it is FABULOUS!

It's entitled "St Andrews Girls" and it's a parody of Katy Perry's "California Girls".  All of the proceeds from the single, sold on their website OtherGuys.Co.Uk, will go to Breast Cancer Care, a UK charity that supports Breast Cancer research and runs a support network throughout the UK.
You must click on this video and listen to the whole song.  You are going to love it!
This inspired us to highlight our Shop 4 the Cure Collection on Etsy! Proceeds from the sale of these hand crafted fashion accessory items will benefit breast cancer research via cancer.org 
Jacquard Silk and Rayon Shawl
This gorgeous silk/rayon jacquard shawl has a gorgeous texture, and the saturated pastel shade of soft petal pink is so perfectly flattering. 26x80 inches, it's large enough to be a shawl, yet lightweight to wrap euro style at the neck, this is the perfect versatile accessory year round. Wear it cowl like with a suit or drape it around your shoulders with your little black dress. 
Screenshot1 of Joyflower's Shop 4 the Cure Collection on Etsy
Coral Pink Scarflette
Jewelry elements combined with silk and semi precious stone charm makes this an ultra-versatile accessory that may be worn around the neck or around the waist. The chain and 5/8" charm add just the right weight to make it drape perfectly as a kerchief, or doubled around as a soft necklace. 
Crepe de chine poppy poncho
This luxurious one of a kind 45" square silk crepe de chine scarf is the "sister" to https://www.etsy.com/listing/81400706. Wear this gorgeous poncho over anything from a bathing suit to a camisole, summer dress, etc. Graphic black outlines and centers provide visual interest to this botanical design featuring bold pink dogwood flowers against an olive green background.
Fringed Shawl
This spring fashion accessory is fashioned from bias cut habutai adorned with luxurious hand tied silk fringe. This orange and hot pink shawl is so versatile, similar to the classic belly dancing hip scarf style (sans shiny objects)! Chic and sexy around your shoulders, or draped at the neck or hips. The bias cut has the effect of perfecting your figure with a lovely drape, it flows over curves and fits like a dream. 
Screenshot2 of Joyflower's Shop 4 the Cure Collection on Etsy
Fashionable, softly delightful and very wearable boa is approx 50" on a silk ribbon.

This fabulous deconstructed accessory is made from tasseled silk mesh and luxurious triple layered chiffon. A luxe blend of chocolate brown and vibrant magenta pink. 
Fuchsia & Chocolate Brown Silk Boa

Spring Romance Wedding - Silk Flower Headband

Soft orchid pink jacquard silk rose has a vintage bakelite earring studded with AB rhinestones at it's center. Vintage rayon lattice ribbon is laced with pretty taupe bias ribbon and antique pewter chain is finished with a vintage mother of pearl bead. 

One of a kind wearable art accessory is feminine and versatile and on trend with spring wedding fashions. May be worn as a collar/necklace or as a headband.