30 March 2012

ETSY BESTeam Feature

It's been a busy couple of weeks for us here on Planet Joy! We completed the Earthsong Scarflette and shipped them on time for Earth Day distribution to 30 A-List Celebrities! 
Earthsong Scarflette
Also I completed re-dying some silks for the Santa Fe Opera House Gift Shop and a fast trip to San Francisco (through the driving snow and rain) to meet with our Summer Art Festival "booth buddy" on Sunday and now we seem to be back to a less frenzied pace, so I'll take a moment to introduce you to some of my Besties on Etsy! 

Make sure to check out Debbie & Amanda's newly rebranded shoppe Yankee Burrow Creations The new banner is lovely, and it's great to see this creative and loving mother/daughter team honing their creativity. You'll find their shop has a terrific variety of handmade and vintage items available - something special for everyone! My favorite find this week is this gorgeous matinee length African inspired necklace! The texture of the ceramic, glass and wooden beads has me mesmerized!
Earthy African Inspired Necklace
Stay abreast of the latest happenings online with Debbie & Amanda & Yankee Burrow Creations

Next up is Absolutely Kismet, focusing on home decor, crafting and jewelry accessories, you will be inspired to accessorize yourself and your home with the delightfully colorful accessories. I fell in love with this trendy Tangerine Shell Necklace, which is not only stylish at 17 1/2 inches, but has an ultra-convenient magnetic clasp! Wouldn't this look terrific with white this spring and summer??
Tangerine shell necklace
Keep up with Absolutely Kismet online

I have to say that the fantastic plush toys made by veteran toymaker Isobel of Coldham Cuddlies are in a word - ADORABLE. Not only can you find one of a kind hand-made toys of heirloom quality, but you can also send your well loved plushies to be restored -- that is customer service. Check out this adorable coyote, he's so dapper, but watch out for that spunky tail of his!
Dapper Uncle Chuck
Keep up with Coldham Cuddlies online
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As part of my BESTeam commitment, I will feature several of the fabulous shops and talented artisans who comprise the team. What is BESTeam? It's The Boosting Etsy Shops Team and our goal is to give support to each other and to help promote each others' Etsy shops through blogging, Facebook and other social networks. If you are an Etsy shopowner and are interested in learning more about BESTeam, please visit the team page on Etsy or have a look at the BESTeam blog

29 March 2012

Indie Insider featuring Empty on the Inside by Annie Oliverio

Today's Indie Insider features BEST Team member Annie Oliverio, of Seminole, Oklahoma. Annie's shop is called Empty on the Inside.  I love Annie's creative work, and I asked her a few questions which she has kindly responded to, read on, get to know more about her life and her work
In the artist's words, "Beauty is skin deep, beautiful on the inside, beautiful inside and out…these are the phrases that eventually morphed into Empty on the Inside. Having nothing to do with feeling blue or lonely or sad, it’s all about leaving space inside a thoughtfully-designed, hand-painted, handcrafted card for a personal, heart-felt message. So, my cards are “empty on the inside” and beautiful on the outside. I’ve left the space inside wide open for you to write your own thoughts and sentiments. You don’t need me or Hallmark or American Greetings to say it for you. The way you write is distinctive and the person receiving his or her card will appreciate the time you took to say that you miss them, love them, are thinking about them or want to wish them a happy birthday. 
Empty on the Inside offers unique cards for just about any reason you can think of for sending someone a greeting card and each one is made by hand, by me – one at a time."
Down the Drive 

What inspires you creatively?
It’s no surprise that the environment around me inspires: the changing colors of the pastures – gold to brown to green – the soft blue of distant treelines and hills, the way sunlight and shadow change the hues of green on leaves. Colors and shapes are what get my mind moving creatively – how shapes fit together within an imagined space; how colors sit next to each other. Often I’m inspired by flowers and leaves.
Evening Sky
Where would you live if you could live anywhere?
The answer to that is a bit of a moving target. I’ve been lucky to have lived in all kinds of different environments and have found something to love about each. There isn’t one kind of place that calls to me more strongly than others. The simplest answer is that the most appealing places to me are the ones where I’m surrounded by open space, the sounds of nature, animals and fresh air. 

Arch Vista
What book are you reading right now?
I’m in the middle of Finding Everett Ruess, by David Roberts. It’s a classic adventure story complete with intrigue and mystery – and the best part is, it really happened. Everett was an aspiring artist (his block prints are really quite good:everettruess.net/prints.html) and writer – an impulsive teenager who spent years combing the wild, empty spaces of northern California, New Mexico and Arizona. But he was most drawn to the desolate “no man’s land” of mesas, cliffs and canyons of southern Utah. He logged some amazing trips and experiences before his disappearance in 1934 at the age of 20. His two burros were found and two inscriptions carved into stone saying simply: Nemo, 1934 (You have to read the book to find out why searchers believed “Nemo” was Everett.) The cult of Everett Ruess is alive and well today. 
What is your favorite food or describe your specialty dish?
I have a very restless appetite which means that I’m continually looking for interesting recipes. I rarely duplicate unless it’s a very, very good recipe. The one firm constant is bread baking. There is something particularly satisfying about making bread which I don’t get from making a dessert or main dish. 
Ike on the Move

What do you like to do in your spare time?
My spare time ends up being the hour or so between the dog’s last walk of the evening and bedtime. That’s when I want to be deep in a comfy chair with a good book or working on a crossword by Merle Reagle. It’s my way of winding down from a busy day. 

By the way, if you like Annie's shop, you can follow her online in various places - - 
Facebook | Dough, Dirt & Dye Blog | An Unrefined Vegan Blog Facebook | Twitter

As part of my BESTeam commitment, I will feature several of the fabulous shops and talented artisans who comprise the team. What is BESTeam? It's The Boosting Etsy Shops Team and our goal is to give support to each other and to help promote each others' Etsy shops through blogging, Facebook and other social networks. If you are an Etsy shopowner and are interested in learning more about BESTeam, please visit the team page on Etsy or have a look at the BESTeam blog

19 March 2012

Opening Day at the Grants Pass, Oregon Farmers Market & Summer Festival Schedule

Link to Google Map
The weather report called for rain, but the sun was shining as I embarked north to the Farmers Market. Last Saturday  was our first time to set up at the Growers Market located at 4th ST & F ST , behind the Post Office in Grants Pass, Josephine County, Oregon this year. It was great to see familiar faces of both vendors and customers again. The farmers are selling onions, squash, greens and plants for your garden. If you get a chance to come to Oregon, the farmers markets are a must! The earth is plentiful here in the great Pacific Northwest!
Spring Romance Collection
While it's still too early in the season for my favorite flower vendors to be selling. But new spring scarves and flowers plus Joyflower's Vintage Romance Collection is now available at the Farmers Market and in my Etsy Shoppe. Joy's hand painted silk flowers and fancy vintage lace and ribbon are perfectly on trend for spring and summer weddings.
Cabbage Rose with AB Rhinestone Bakelite Brooch and Murano Glass Bead
If you get a chance to come to Oregon, the farmers markets are a must! The earth is plentiful here in the great Pacific Northwest!

Our Summer Festival Schedule is lining up, we will be in Grants Pass on Saturdays weather permitting in the month of March and April. 

May 5,6 Livermore, CA 
The Livermore Rotary Wine Festival is in Historic Downtown on First Street from P Street to Maple Street and on Second Street from N to K Streets. 

June 2,3 in Foster City, CA
The Foster City Arts and Wine Festival takes place at Leo Ryan Park at the corner of Hillsdale and Shell Boulevards. Free admission and free parking at Parkside Towers

July 28, 29 Alameda, CA
27th Annual Park Street Art & Wine Faire is Alameda's biggest event. The annual street festival takes place every year on the last weekend of July between Encinal and Buena Vista Avenues. 

September 8, 9 Mountain View, CA
Mountain View Annual Art & Wine Festival is considered one of America's top art festivals, art lovers will pour into Silicon Valley's epicenter for this "Cultural Community Celebration". An authentic and moveable feast for the senses. Exceptional handcrafted work by 600 of America's top artists and craftmakers. Stellar live music on stage and street throughout downtown. 

October 6,7 Tigard Oregon
Celebrate the Gifts Festival at Calvin Presbyterian Church is a screened invitational fine arts exhibit and sale featuring local and regional art and fine craft. This show has been a part of Calvin's Stewardship program since 2008. It creates an environment which recognizes the talents of the artists in the church and community, and also raises funds to help local missions. 

18 March 2012

Saturated Pastels for Spring

Colorful spring flowers are the inspiration for our Spring 2012 Collection. These florals go beyond your average garden party print. There is nothing as soft as silk against your skin.
They are modern and complex ranging from a soft-focus painterly effect to sharp and bold graphic florals. It's all about mixing prints this season, mix it up and have fun with it!
Soft pastel dogwood flowers on a pale robins egg blue and lime green lattice are juxtaposed while a slash of black enclosing stylized peacock feathers adds a modern touch. Wear this pretty satin trimmed shawl with white linen trousers and a solid colored camisole or with your favorite LBD.
Coral or peach is always flattering to wear near your face. Note the vintage caged agate chain on the limited edition Spring Scarflette above.  Can you imagine this paired with white linen or denim or to brighten up your day to day business attire?
Butterfly Peacock Feather Ruana
This dreamy hand painted silk chiffon ruana inspires over-the-top style decorated with colorful peacock feathers combined with butterfly wings. I call it "Spring Fantasy"

Softly feminine, draped and embellished, it's all part of the luxe spring style we're seeing this year. You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain if you add a pop of color to your style. It's so easy to do with a colorful silk scarf for your day and evening looks!
Pink and turquoise chiffon is uniquely embellished with gold hand painted Egyptian Peacock.
This is a casual wear-with-everything silk mesh scarf featuring hand-tied fringe, white sprinkled with lime and turquoise is particularly pretty and will easily transition from spring to summer.
This painterly washed out silver satin devore would not be out of place at a summer garden party. We love this lime green and pink color combo - sexy and demure at the same time!

Shop for the latest eco-couture fashions by Joyflower on Etsy or shop the classic Natura Collection at Joysilk.com

16 March 2012

Riorita: Unusual Hand Made Silver & Gold Jewelry

Irith is a jewelry designer who works in an idyllic studio setting near the Mediterranean in Israel. Today we will take a more personal look at the design process and inspirations of the artist Riorita. 
In the artist's words, "As I love to try many metalsmith's techniques, I sometimes pick an idea , such as a heart necklace design, and try to  think out how it would look in a certain design and then I try to handcraft it."
Sterling Silver Heart Necklace
If you take for example, the heart motif. Here she has the idea to make a snake-like heart necklace. Inspired by her thought of the form of a snake, a snake made of connected hearts. As you know – snakes and hearts don't usually get along very well… Then on Valentine's day Irith had a different idea to design something much simpler, and so this textured heart pendant emerged.
"Heart Within a Heart" Silver Heart Pendant
As you see these two designs featuring the heart motif, are completely different from each other. Different moods – different designs. 
The Sea of Galilee and Tiberias
Irith longs to live in Tiberias, a small town by the Sea of Galilee, where she grew up. Reminiscing that she would love to wake up each day and view the beautiful lake, she says, "I could sit and watch it forever.What Irith enjoys most in her spare time is paying a visit to her daughter's little family and playing with her grandson who is two years and 3 months old and is beginning to be a rather talkative young man.
A view of The Sea of Galilee from mother's garden.
Irith is currently reading "The Judgement of Paris" a passionate account of the social swirl and political turmoil of the decade the author, Ross King, describes so vividly. Fashion, scientific advances, and revolutionary politics all find their way into a narrative that in its way achieves the kind of history painting that Meissonier could only dream of. It is written like a novel but is actually a research describing the struggle of the impressionist artists in Paris, in the mid 19th century to achieve entry to the venerable salon exhibitions. Some very good lines were spoken in that era, notably C├ęzanne said, "I dare sir, I dare" responding to an inquiring journalist as he hauled his paintings to be spurned yet again by the Salon jury. "I have the courage of my opinions -- and he who laughs last laughs best.
Unusual Handmade Silver and Gold Jewelry by Riorita
Follow Irith's creative journey online at her blog and her website  on Facebook, her work has also been featured in many treasuries on Etsy, view them here. Now you can also follow Riorita on Twitter.   

As part of my BESTeam commitment, I will be post short features of several of the fabulous shops and talented artisans who comprise the team. What is BESTeam? It's The Boosting Etsy Shops Team and our goal is to give support to each other and to help promote each others' Etsy shops through blogging, Facebook and other social networks. If you are an Etsy shopowner and are interested in learning more about BESTeam, please visit the team page on Etsy.

13 March 2012

Snow Day on Planet Joy - March 13, 2012

We love waking up in a winter wonderland on Planet Joy! 
The garden behind my studio
I'll take snow over rain any day! 
My trusty Subaru

12 March 2012

BEST Team Feature - Monday March 12, 2012

Blog & Promote
It's time for this weeks BEST Team Blog, looks who's on vacation ~ De De Dzyns ~ I hope the weather is perfect and cheers to taking personal time! I've been enamored by Delia's jewelry designs since I first laid eyes on 'em! Her original designs are inspired by all manner of components from rough and polished semi-precious stones and beads, plus crystals and pearls. Delia creates from her Baltimore home, one can see the influence of childhood home, South Africa, on her comfortable and very wearable designs.

I must agree with the customer feedback, "A really lovely piece of jewelry. It is absolutely beautiful" 
Notice the beautiful natural grain running through the pink quartz beads in this necklace. 
BEST Spring Fling Treasury
Be elegant and fashionable when you wear this dazzlingly gorgeous necklace featuring orange, champagne colored gems and gold spacer beads as featured in the Spring Fling Treasury on Etsy. 
Custom Necklace by De De Dzyns

09 March 2012

Reserve Your Earthsong Scarflette

The Earthsong Scarflette is in production now for it's launch on Earth Day 2012. 
Reserve yours now with a pre-order reservation at Joysilk.com or in my Etsy Shoppe!
Place your order now - shipping starts on May1st. 

06 March 2012

Presenting "Earthsong" Hand Painted Silk for Earth Day 2012

Joy Hand Painted Silk is thrilled to be launching the Earthsong Scarflette on Earth Day 2012. 
Here is a brief slide show I created to show the process of creating the collection at Animoto. Showcasing the hand painted silk that is the focal element of our newest exclusive accessory and which I am crafting for thirty environmentally-conscious A-Listers, including Tom Hanks,  P!nk, Leonardo DiCaprio, Dave Matthews, Woody Harrelson,  Drew Barrymore, Ellen DeGeneres, Sting, Barbra Streisand, Courteney Cox, Cameron Diaz, KT Tunstall, Jeremy Piven, Bill Maher, Adrian Grenier, Kate Bosworth, Rosario Dawson, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Daryl Hannah, Orlando Bloom, Jake Gyllenhaal, Josh Hartnett, Alicia Silverstone,  Mark Ruffalo, and Edward Norton.
Click here to reserve your Earthsong Scarflette.

At Planet Joy, we respect the earth, with non-toxic dyes and limited edition production runs, always with an eye towards conservation of natural resources.
More info on this event in association with The Artisan Group