10 November 2014

Eco-Style Life Beau Monde: Favorite Quote Friday

I was inspired to think deeply by my friend Stephanie Gale in her recent blog Eco-Style Life Beau Monde: Lifestyle William Morris On Practical Beauty.

What do you think about this quote?

 "Have nothing in your house

that you do not know to be useful,

or believe to be beautiful."

~William Morris  

William Morris (24 March 1834 – 3 October 1896) was an English textile designer,poetnovelisttranslator, and socialist activist. Associated with the British Arts and Crafts Movement, he was a major contributor to the revival of traditional British textile arts and methods of production.

His quote makes me reconsider whether or not I will buy or keep certain items or let them go. Especially in my wardrobe. Living with beauty is a concept that guides me in my life. What guides you in yours?

I became even more thoughtful when I read her newsletter with nuggets of wisdom from many venerable authors and experts. Especially thought provoking is how author and teacher Leah Jade talks about the roots of a home and balance.

What are your thoughts on the William Morris quote above? 

01 October 2014

JoySilk Fall Color at Paschal Winery

That's right, fall color is happening in Southern Oregon! 

The first rains have fallen and clearing the air of smoke and quelling the raging forest fires in the region. 

Here's a sneak peak of the first images from the photo shoot at Paschal Winery last weekend! 

Thanks to my friends for modeling, styling and photographing my new collection of hand painted silks. 

Wearable Art by Joy Hand Painted Silk 
on location at Paschal Winery, Talent Oregon

Photo credit: Michael Washington
Stylist: Darby McCue
Models: Pegi Smith, Rebecca Warren

25 July 2014

Delightfully Lovely Summer

It's lavender season on Planet Joy! Lavender is lovely all year round, especially so when in season. I'll be stitching up some lavender bay sachets with the organic lavender and bay leaves that I cultivate in my garden in the Pacific Northwest. I've got some white dupionni silk and colorful brocade to stitch up into sachets that you can reserve now on Etsy!
Homegrown Organic Herbs
While we're on the subject of fun summer happenings, I've been enjoying some outdoor renewal by the River. A day trip at the confluence of the Rogue and Umpqua Rivers at the Rogue Elk Campground was very relaxing! 
Rogue River in Trail, Oregon
The charming old Rogue Elk Hotel is abandoned and is up for sale, it requires so much work, but it has so much potential. I love the wrap around porch! I hope you are having a good summer, share your adventures with me with a comment below, I'd love to know what you're up to! 
Rogue Elk Hotel
PS. Scoot over to Facebook if you want in on my July ruana sale!

11 July 2014

Divine Order and Grace

Divine order and grace bring miracles beyond our imagination. So here’s some mantras of Divine intercession on a number of topics. I've been told the mantras reliably elicit magic, expansion, and possibility when done with a sincere heart or even partially open mind. These intercession mantras go beyond affirmations; they will invoke the highest divine potential and truly bypass the conditioning and repetitive constraints of the ego.
It's recommended to practice doing whichever ones you need for at least twenty-one days to help the mind recalibrate. Even if you are skeptical, why not experiment?
1. When you need to find work:
Dear Divine, you know all my talents and abilities, even ones that are hidden from me. You know my financial needs as well. I now call you into my work life, knowing that the right work and career is already selected. I’ll be shown the right actions to take at the right time.
2. To be open to love and relationships:
The perfect partner is already selected. He or she is arriving in the right way at the right time. I am so grateful to receive him or her.
3. When you're beating yourself up:
Change me Divine Beloved into one who knows my own value and worthiness. Let me see myself as you see me.
4. When something isn’t happening as fast as your mind thinks it should:
Trust in Right Timing
My life is unfolding in Divine timing. All delays are beneficial. I’m always at the right place at the right time.
5. When you’re giving a lot and don’t feel worthy of receiving from others:

Change me Divine Beloved into one who can easily receive. Let me feel deserving of the help and love of others. Inundate me with a sense of worthiness.
6. When you’re stressed about travel:

Let every aspect of this trip unfold in harmony. May Divine order arrange and handle every detail . The right flights, lodging, and all else are already selected and I’ll be guided easily. I’ll follow the leads as they are shown.
7. When you know you wish to be of service:

Wherever I can be a force of love, please guide me. Take me wherever you wish me to go. Let me do your bidding.
8. When you're deciding whether to go somewhere or do something:

Please show me if You wish me to go. If you do, please bring a sign, and a miracle that shows Your Divine Will in this matter and gives clear direction. And if for some reason I’m about to head the wrong way, please STOP me!
9. When you're unclear about what’s next:

My perfect new path is already selected and will arrive at the right time. I’ll be shown the steps to receive it.
10. When you have fears of aging or loss:
I am one with the unlimited Divine, beyond all seeming restrictions of age. My whole being is filled with joy, energy and beauty, and is a vessel for the Universal Shakti. I reside in oneness with this Divine joy.
11. When you’re completely overwhelmed by ANYTHING at all:

Divine beloved, Change me into one who knows how to do this! Open me to all your help and assistance, work through me, oh Great Spirit. Let me be a calm, tranquil vessel for your love.
These mantras open the way for the unimpeded Divine to enter with a plan far beyond the manipulations and machinations of the ego and open us to every form of possibility, expansion and delight.

27 June 2014

JoySilk Summer Sale - one of a kind #madeinusa

Summer Sale is in Session - Save 1/3 off JoySilk
100% hand made, art to wear fashion accessories made in Ashland Oregon

Flower Power - hand painted silk rose, vintage ribbon trim

Subtle gold hand-dyed delicate floral jacquard scarf 
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Orchid Pink Silk Poncho
Get more compliments when you tie one on! 

Pink, black & white silk poncho

Travel essentials!

Cool blue reversible shawl

Custom colors - made to order.

Seaside Collection Hand Painted Silk Poncho

Seaside Collection, perfect for summer! 

Seaside Collection Silk Poncho 45"

Hand made with love in Ashland Oregon

Heather Collection Silk Scarf

25 June 2014

Summer Fun! Homemade Cherry Coconut Frozen Yogurt

How do you know it's summer at your house?

Here on Planet Joy we know summer has officially arrived when we churn out the first batch of home made ice cream.

This year we are kicking off the season with a cherry coconut cream frozen yogurt. It's easy when you have a Cuisinart stainless steel ice-cream maker like mine. My cylinder is always in the freezer so I can make a batch of ice cream on impulse! I make a quart of batter and it whips up to the perfect consistency in this convenient home ice cream machine by Cuisinart, (buy at Williams Sonoma online).

Cuisinart is simple to use

Stainless Steel
When it comes to homemade ice cream, "the more, the better" is the motto of this family-friendly machine.

Joy's Cherry Coconut Frozen Yogurt Recipe

I called out my favorite organic brands, feel free to use your favorite or local brands instead!

1 can organic Thai Kitchen coconut milk
1 cup organic Nancy's whole milk honey yogurt
2T organic Nutiva coconut oil (optional)
4 drops Medicine Flower Almond flavor extract
4 drops Medicine Flower Black Cherry flavor extract
1 cup organic cherries (I used Montmorency)
2T lecithin
1/4 - 1/2 cup turbinado sugar to taste
Yields about one quart

Combine the coconut milk, yogurt, coconut oil, lecithin and sugar in a blender or food processor, blend until smooth about 2-4 minutes. Add the frozen cherries almond and cherry extracts and quickly blend again. Chill the ice cream batter in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour before freezing according to the directions of your ice cream machine. I really like my Cuisinart ice cream machine, I think the stainless steel casing is cool, I find that a small batch firms up pretty quickly and sometimes we like it fast, freeze overnight for hard ice cream.

13 May 2014

06 May 2014

Seaside Collection Sample Sale by Joy Silk

I dreamed up the Seaside Collection while visiting my sister in Southern California at Christmastime last year and inspired by Facets of Avalon's "To be beside the Sea". I've always loved to walk on the beach and look for shells and pretty rocks. Each silk painting is unique and features various seashells and coral of the fantasy variety. 

In Del Mar with my sister and her boys. 

Seaside Collection - art to wear hand painted silk

Sunset in Encinitas

Sunset is inspiring - I love to watch the sun drop into the sea 
La Jolla Shores
A day hike at La Jolla Shores, off-shore breezes and perfect little waves. 
Another glorious day in Paradise
This small and unique collection is the sample set from my new Seaside Collection, launched in February 2014.
Charmeuse poncho, turquoise and seashells
Silk has a luxurious translucence that perfectly radiates the rich saturated colors I enjoy working with.
Crepe de chine ruana, fantasy seashells
Every item is made to order, hand painted and signed as an original work of art.

Crepe de chine poncho, very wearable

Luxurious charmeuse poncho

Detail : scallop shells on charmeuse silk 

Detail : poncho styled as a scarf
May this painted light be an inspiration to you.
Joy Light, artist and designer

25 April 2014

Easter at the Oregon Coast

At the dunes in Newport Oregon
An impromptu excursion to the Oregon Coast last weekend was met with great weather. It's not often that there is sunshine and a lack of wind at the beach up north. We were so fortunate to find sunny skies and very little wind, so a nice walk on the beach was in order. 
One could walk for miles on the beach
The Oregon Coast is not highly populated and it was nearly deserted this time, I enjoyed the quietude of infinity strolling along the beach from the Yaquina Bay light house. 
The hillsides are blossoming with golden flowers in spring.
The coast was a-bloom with many kinds of cultivated and wild flowers. The rhododendrons are coming into season in their usual colorful glory. By the way, does anyone know what this blossoming shrub is on the hillside above the highway in the photo above? 
The forests grow right down to the coastline in Oregon

Yaquina Bay History
The Yaquina Bay Lighthouse is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. It is believed to be the oldest structure in Newport. It is also the only existing Oregon lighthouse with the living quarters attached, and the only historic wooden Oregon lighthouse still standing. 
If you look really closely you can see a couple of surfers in the inlet
Waxing up the longboard

Boats passing through the lineup. 
I sat by the inlet and enjoyed a nice picnic lunch in the sunshine while watching the surfers gear up to go surfing in the 50°F water - brrr!
Further south the sea crashes against the cliffs
Endless waves roll upon the shore.
Oregon is notorious for it's "sneaker waves" but we didn't experience that. A sneaker wave is a wave that appears out of nowhere without warning, often surging up high on the beach with deadly force and are impossible to predict. Last weekend there was big surf, and it was exciting to watch!
A lighthouse on a coastal point