13 June 2012

On Cloud Nine

Meaning: In a state of blissful happiness.
Darkness and light

Origin: A commonly heard explanation is the expression was originated in the 1950's by the US Weather Bureau as a cloud classification, in which 'Cloud Nine' denotes the fluffy attractive cumulonimbus type of cloud.

Mountainous crags emerging through the clouds

Another explanation is that the phrase derives from Buddhist idea that  Cloud Nine is one of the stages on the path to enlightenment of a Bodhisattva. 

Fluffy clouds - classic Cloud 9

Clouds view from the ground

Hello Moon

Cloudless day at cloud level

The clouds in Paris

Dawn Clouds

Regardless of the true meaning, it's nice to take a mental break every now and then and let your mind float! What's your favorite daydream? 

07 June 2012

Bay Area Road Trip - June 2012

Last Friday I drove south to put on two great events in the San Francisco Bay Area, the first of the two was to participate in the Foster City Art & Wine Festival in Leo J. Ryan Park along with my booth buddy Brandi Collins of Villain Accessories.  Brandi's fine jewelry includes precious and semi-precious stones and gold and silver metals. She says "I believe that life is a complicated, messy & incredibly beautiful tale. With that in mind it is my desire to create simple, yet stunning pieces to accent each woman's personal story." I simply love her tag line: Because being beautiful makes you the bad guy! We definitely had the corner on beautiful handmade fashion accessories! 
Pearl Lariat Necklace
The weather was cooperative, actually, it was nothing short of ideal, the sunshine, mild temperatures and minimal wind made it a great day to walk the fair, with carnival rides, wine tasting, delicious food vendors, and more, it was an all together wonderful weekend! We set up our booth in record time and our open air boutique was ready for business!
Joy Hand Painted Silk table display 
Starting out the day with a full display of silk and jewellery accessories.  
Villain Accessories, hand crafted fine jewelry by Brandi Collins 
Foxglove Shawl with Scarflettes suspended above. 
Villain Accessories and Joy Hand Painted Silk -  for all your fashion needs! 
Peacock motif ruana and scarves were very popular.  
I had the supreme pleasure of meeting a Twitter buddy at the fair, Suzette Mariel came to interview me in the booth on Saturday. Read about our meeting at Suzette's blog and stay tuned for more exciting news, coming soon!