31 December 2012

Happy New Year

Today is the last day of the year, traditionally a time of reflection on the past and hope for the future. It’s easy to get inundated when being reflective. When that happens to me—and it does, every day—I literally think to myself, “Look up.”

And I do. I look to the sky, and I see great beauty there.
There’s a lot of everything to know. And we cannot possibly understand it with our eyes closed, our minds narrowed, our heads tilted down. So look up! Because when we do, even for a moment, our view increases from here to infinity.
Peace, joy, goodwill to all, may 2013 bring you what you dream of and more!

11 December 2012

It's a Work at Home Thing - WAHM

I was recently interviewed by Deborah Carney for a WAHMoms/WAHDads podcast, I hope you will tune in and listen, but if you don't have time, there is a brief written summary in today's blog. Your comments are always appreciated.

(Duration: 49:45 — 68.3MB) 

Myself with my youngest son Ryan
Tell us a little about yourself:
I was born and raised in Reading Pennsylvania, the eldest daughter of three children. My dad, Pat, takes credit for my pretty name, Kristin Joy Light (I have gone by my middle name since about age 28). I became interested in silk painting when my BFF Rosie, a textile designer, did a series of silk paintings one summer. She did not allow me to watch her process, but she did share her supply sources, and when I moved to Oregon in 1989 I began stocking my studio and trying my hand at it. I’ve lived in Oregon 23 years now, and my studio is in what used to be my 2-car garage. I have three children, all boys, ranging in age from 15-31. I love to drink espresso and do yoga. I am a member of the american craft council and The Artisan Group.
As a work at home parent what is your biggest challenge?
Scheduling is my biggest challenge, school sports schedules, holidays, inventory, all include scheduling, sometimes those schedules need careful adjustment so nothing gets left out in the shuffle.

What is the biggest advantage to being a work at home parent?

Working at home has been so valuable in terms of establishing consistency and stability for my boys when they were younger, and now, the comfort of working in my studio is a bonus I am very grateful for.
As a work at home parent what advice would you give other work at home parents?
Establish boundaries and maintain and re-evaluate your guidelines and goals frequently to stay on track!
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