25 April 2014

Easter at the Oregon Coast

At the dunes in Newport Oregon
An impromptu excursion to the Oregon Coast last weekend was met with great weather. It's not often that there is sunshine and a lack of wind at the beach up north. We were so fortunate to find sunny skies and very little wind, so a nice walk on the beach was in order. 
One could walk for miles on the beach
The Oregon Coast is not highly populated and it was nearly deserted this time, I enjoyed the quietude of infinity strolling along the beach from the Yaquina Bay light house. 
The hillsides are blossoming with golden flowers in spring.
The coast was a-bloom with many kinds of cultivated and wild flowers. The rhododendrons are coming into season in their usual colorful glory. By the way, does anyone know what this blossoming shrub is on the hillside above the highway in the photo above? 
The forests grow right down to the coastline in Oregon

Yaquina Bay History
The Yaquina Bay Lighthouse is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. It is believed to be the oldest structure in Newport. It is also the only existing Oregon lighthouse with the living quarters attached, and the only historic wooden Oregon lighthouse still standing. 
If you look really closely you can see a couple of surfers in the inlet
Waxing up the longboard

Boats passing through the lineup. 
I sat by the inlet and enjoyed a nice picnic lunch in the sunshine while watching the surfers gear up to go surfing in the 50°F water - brrr!
Further south the sea crashes against the cliffs
Endless waves roll upon the shore.
Oregon is notorious for it's "sneaker waves" but we didn't experience that. A sneaker wave is a wave that appears out of nowhere without warning, often surging up high on the beach with deadly force and are impossible to predict. Last weekend there was big surf, and it was exciting to watch!
A lighthouse on a coastal point