16 October 2008

Clearance - Cashmere Throws

Deluxe cashmere wool trimmed with brocade.

Large enough to cover the top of a single bed, ideal for a sofa blanket to snuggle up or wrap up at the stadium.

These lovely throws are made of imported fabrics and designed and sewn by ME!

Orchid or dark orange cashmere wool with colorful silk brocade trim.

Orange cashmere throw - now $85 (originally $175)

Orchid cashmere throw - now $85 (originally $175)

This promo is complete, all the shawls have been sold.
Thank you very much!

Harvest Season

Yesterday we hauled out the orchard ladder and climbed into the trees to pluck juicy fruits to eat, make pies and dry for winter... YUMMY!!

What great good fortune for us today, whilst the orchard has been abandoned for many years and is in many ways out of production; due to the abundant ground water (underground springs) in our neighborhood the trees grow and produce fruit which we have permission to pick each year!

We've got a "Hobby" orchard next door - I say "Hobby" orchard, because whoever planted it fifty years ago decided to plant just one of each variety of fruit, there are seven or eight types of apples, two or three types of Italian plums, two cherries plus fig and mulberry.

The first frost has had a fabulous effect. We are now witnessing the magic of the season as the leaves are changing from green to myriad shades of red, orange and golden yellow.

Also, when the frost hits, the apples undergo a change in sugar which affects the taste and texture of certain varieties.

09 September 2008

RECAP OF SOOS 2008 - Southern Oregon Open Studios

Creating a successful connection between local artists and our
community to promote a thriving visual arts economy

This was a tour of artists studios in Ashland and Jacksonville Oregon.  This has been a wonderful opportunity for artists to share their creative skills in their own working studios with art enthusiasts. Not only is this educational for all ages, it was a fabulous and fun way to promote a thriving visual arts community!

Thanks to the following for their promotion of SOOS 2008 on the WorldWideWeb:
Ashland Chamber of Commerce
KTVL News 10
Today in Ashland

Also thanks to the following businesses who distributed complimentary Studio Tour Booklets 

Ashland Springs Hotel – 212 E Main Street, Ashland
Bohemia Gallery – 222 “A” Street, Ashland
Central Art Supply – 101 N Central, Medford
Carefree Buffalo – 130 West California St, Jacksonville
Elaine Witteveen Gallery – 305 N Oregon Street, Jacksonville
The Artist’s Workshop –  U.S. Hotel @ 125 California (& Third St), Jacksonville

10 August 2008

Soon to be published in Ashland Magazine

The incredible lightness of Joy


Lance K. Pugh

I was circling the Plaza some time ago in Ashland’s version of circle the wagons when my eye caught a vibrant peacock pattern of gold, emerald and black, backlit by the sun. The female wearing this silken number slipped into a shop while I kept searching for a parking spot. I wanted to ask the dark-haired woman draped in the striking diaphanous scarf about the long material she had wrapped around her, but in a flash of light, she was gone.

I kept the silken peacock lady in mind, but did not see her again until 2006, while attending the opening reception for Raku master Randy Warren. She appeared, draped in yet another striking scarf, as his collaborative partner for the exhibit. It was then that I learn she was Joy Light (her real surname, a designer and artist of hand-painted silk, who, though based in Ashland, sells across the country.

Joy moved to the Applegate area from California in 1989. Two years later, Joy decided to move to Ashland to pursue her creative work full time with her then ten-year-old son. Ashland had all the amenities she was looking for: a vital town with good schools, an emphasis on the performing arts, a vibrant artistic community and plenty of engaging people who were supportive of the arts.

On one of her first excursions downtown, Joy met Elise (McManus) Peters, who had recently opened Heart & Hands at 255 E. Main Street. Shortly after this meeting, Heart & Hands began carrying Joy’s work. In Peter’s words, “We have loved representing Joy’s hand painted silks since our inception in 1991. It’s been great watching Joy’s work evlove. Her artistic sensibility, creativity and gift with color has made her wearable art a highly treasured and valuable purchase. I have witnessed people return over and over again to add to their collection.”

Through Joy’s dedication over the years, her silks are now displayed nationwide in museum stores and women’s clothing boutiques. These notably include Denver and Phoenix art museums, Spirit of the Earth and The Santa Fe Opera House in New Mexico, The Real Mother Goose and Changes in Portland, Human Arts in Ojai, and La Jolla Fiberarts. As her national sales increase, we surely will be hearing more about her business. Joy is keeping her eyes open for a sales rep to bring her line to the East Coast.

A quick visit to Joy’s website, www.joysilk.com, will instantly fill the eye with visually seducing colors hand-painted on raw white Chinese silk. She does her magic on them here in Ashland and then ships each distinctive piece to numerous accounts

Joy’s studio will be a part of Southern Oregon Open Studios, Labor Day weekend sponsored by Ashland Artisan Gallery & Art Center. It is at this gallery where her scarves can be purchased and she also volunteers her time to support other Southern Oregon artists.

I have observed how a ruana or scarf instantly updates the “basic black dress,” creating a new fashion statement. Eyes turn and sparkle as one of Joy’s vibrant scarves adds dimension and color while capturing fluttering eyelashes like so many migrating monarch butterflies. Her painted silks are a truly powerful accessory to spice up a night on the town

“I have focused on accessories because they are always in fashion, no matter what the climate - environmental or financial - accessories are affordable and never go out of style.

“I have been producing these for 17 years and have sold nearly every piece I’ve made. My clientele consists mainly of women, but a few men who wear my accessories are interested in something personal and handcrafted. A tall European wears his ruana with his Armani suit. I work with a local tailor to produce custom silk jacket linings for men who appreciate having a unique wardrobe.”

When visiting her studio I immediately noticed her colorful line of iridescent stylistically captured peacock feathers hand-painted with rich classic hues on a variety of silk fabrics from charmeuse, jacquard, chiffon and crepe de chine. Each scarf is individually crafted by Joy, making a special, intimate gift or a self-treat for which you are overdue.

Her Ombre Collectionis her best selling line. It employs a “wet on wet” watercolor technique, resulting in the spellbinding colors that produce eye-catching fluid patterns. The popular Ruana, sort of a cape with open sides, is constructed lightweight, sheer and flowing chiffon edged and trimmed with a touch of satin, giving the finished piece enough weight to form the perfect drape.

During the most recent First Friday Artwalk I squinted into the sun as I strained to focus on a blend of dramatic color that refracted from two blocks away. I had an educated hunch on the nature of the emanation and approached the source with a keen eye.

I was right, it was Joy Light.

28 June 2008

Silk Painting Class

You can book studio time on Planet Joy for $25 per hour, minimum of 4, maximum 6 adults, and childrens classes are available as well.
Call for details 541-482-9665. All materials included!

The Light-Hearted Crafters of Grants Pass visited my studio last week to experience painting on silk.

It's a fun time in the studio when I have visitors and these women were confident and curious and they created some gorgeous scarves for themselves.

29 May 2008

Silk Peacock Feathers

Today I am putting the finishing touches on the newest collection of hand painted silks. Here you see them drying in my garden this morning.Brilliantly colorful with a black background and gold accents - this is an amazing limited collection - 3 ruanas and 4 shawls (just two magenta shawls) with the balance of the collection in classic peacock blue and teal!

The motif is Peacock Feathers. These incredible wraps are available for sale online at Heart & Hands or contact me directly through my website Joy Hand Painted Silk

27 May 2008

Get some real estate on Planet Joy

Hi There!
I haven't blogged for a long time... maybe I'll blog about the holidays, it was a lot of fun, no time for blogging while travelling for me!

It really feels like Oregon this year, overcast, occasional showers, flowers, damp, cool weather. Two weeks ago, it was scorching at 100 - yow! Right now the irises are in full bloom, just incredible!

Visit Planet Joy here:




Joy Hand Painted Silk presents seasonally inspired art to wear and accessories that offer an opportunity to escape from global fashion with handcrafted work that hopes to inspire through light and bring a small amount of joy into your life.

Modern luxury as simplicity, an escape from the dissonance of the industrial and media worlds into a world of peace and harmony.

The beauty of this work is that it is for wearing.

In the wearing it finds its final purpose; transforming the wearer with its light, channeling human energy into a unique presence.

Bringing pleasure from the eye to the heart.

Each piece has its own personality, a life of its own, channeled by the artist into our world.

Light is the essence of the work, the silk dyed, wrapped, steamed, and unfurled into its final form.

Even to the artist, the work reveals itself.

That is the mystical quality of the craft

Light flowing through and around.

The artist at work in studio, Ashland, Oregon