14 August 2017

Custom Made Hand Painted Silk for Kohenet 2017

Do you know the feeling when you wear something that is custom made just for you? 

You feel special every time, because you know that by having a hand painted silk garment in your wardrobe you will always look terrific, and be unique! 

Wearing an original painting, an art to wear designer textile, is where art and luxury come together. 

Today, I want to share with you a project that I'm very proud of using fine silk chiffon as my canvas. 

I produced 13 custom made Ruanas for a Hebrew women's group. (Click here for more information on the women's group.) After working with the Hebrew Priestess Institute for over 6 years, they decided they would adopt my best selling style, the ruana as their official ordination garment, and have renamed it Kanfot, to fit in with their culture! 
Group Ordination for Kohenet 2017

Everyone chose their own color scheme according to their personal desire, some chose classic color combinations from my Natura Collections which are showcased on my website www.joysilk.com.
Earthsong is the inspiration for this custom color combination. 

I worked with individuals to creat custom color combinations as dictated by their imagination.  
Swatches were made as a first step towards creating the golden yellow ruana in the photograph below.
 Hand Painted Silk Ruanas are perfect for special occasions, also make a fabulous choice for everyday comfort and style. Because they take up a small space in luggage, they make an ideal travel garment. Ruanas are also frequently chosen for wedding attire by the mother of the bride or groom or wedding attendants. 

I offer custom sizing, please contact me for additional information or to place your order today. 

08 April 2017

When Clea Was a Puppy -

Clea is about 10 weeks old in this photo, she loved to climb up behind me in the car. 
This is a painting of me and Clea 

Posing on the pillow. 

Profile pose on the velvet chair

Clea on her silk cushion. 

Such a little doll!

Love her little tail! 

So small, and such beautiful posture!

I was entranced with this pup when she was a baby! 

She is such a pretty girl! 

Clea has always loved her toys, only chewed shoes once!

Those eyes!

This tiny bed/pouch worked for a few weeks!
Clea is an Alaska Klee Kai x Keeshond, now over 2 years old and 16 pounds, fully grown. Puppy time lasts such a short while... I remember when Clea first came home to live with us. She would go to work with me in my purse before she was big enough to go to work with Colin. I am so very glad I got to bond with her!