17 February 2016

Happy Endings start with a Happy Beginning! Custom Peacock Ruana

Imagine my delight when I received this message from my client after received her package!

"Oh Joy.....it is absolutely exquisite, as I knew it would be!!  It fits perfectly, the colors are vibrant and amazing, and I can't wait to show it off!!  You truly have a wonderful gift and I am simply in awe of your talent!!

I'll give you a report when I return from the cruise. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

All the very best,

Custom Ruana - front view
Custom Ruana - rear view
Custom ruana- wrapped view

Custom Ruana - rear view 2

The process begins with an inquiry, people come to me in many ways... whether it's a message from a Facebook Fan or Etsy custom-request or an email from the contact form on my website....business card or friend referral. First the client reaches out and makes a request. Next we establish a timeline, motif and palette, design and payment details, then the creative process takes over and the magic happens in the studio!

The design is first sketched out on paper, then on silk.
The feather motif developing. 
You can really see how sheer chiffon silk is in this photo.
Trusting the process - fully saturated colors.

On the work table ready to be steamed.
The silk is hanging to dry. 
The fabric is ready to be cut and sewn. 
Creating a custom garment is lways a magical experience!

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03 February 2016

Custom Gown - Earth Rainbow Shibori

Here is the finished dress. Shibori bias-cut silk gown. 

One of a kind, shibori is a fascinating, labor intensive process. Begins with wrapping the fabric on a pole and binding it with string. The dyes are applied to the fabric on the pole. 
Once dried, the fabric is unwrapped and then ready to be steam-set for color fastness.

A unique pattern emerges each time, a fresh experience that does not disappoint! Like a force of nature!
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