24 May 2015

Custom Fabric for a Hand Painted Silk Yukata with peacock motif

I am happily sequestered in studio, creating hand painted silk crepe de chine over the Memorial Day holiday weekend.  This project consists of painting several yards of crepe de chine for a custom-order peacock motif yukata. A yukata is a casual summer kimono in Japan, usually made of cotton.  The peacock is in repose, when compledted, the gracefully folded tail-feathers will wrap around the wearer.

The first step is to use the serti technique to transfer the design to the silk fabric

A lot of  planning goes into making the pattern.

This is the first layer of color. 

Silk painting is my passion! I am so happy and grateful that my studio is back in action with inspiring projects like this one!

Work in progress.

The finished effect. 

Peacock motif complete and ready to cut and sew.

Detail of the peacock's tail. 
The completed yukata. 

View Two of the completed garment. 

Close up of the peacock feather detail. 

Custom yukata by Joy Hand Painted Silk.

06 May 2015

Custom Fabric - for a wedding party

For Kay & Jo, 
These are some snapshots so we could discuss the colors once you receive the fabric samples.  The various fabrics I used to create the samples are to show how the colors translate on the various weaves. The heavier the fabric, the more intense the colors show up. 
Misty orchid with a touch of green
Misty orchid with a touch of green (jacquard scarf)
Misty Orchid with a touch of green.
Misty Orchid with a touch of green

Peridot with a touch of lavender.

Peridot with a touch of lavender. 

Peridot with a touch of lavender.
Peridot with a touch of lavender (satin stripe jacquard scarf).

You will have to let me know how vibrant you want the colors to be.

03 May 2015

Happy Spring! Beauty and Creativity

I am inspired by life, these women are creating a beautiful flower petal dressing for the well in the Chalice Well Gardens. The Chalice Well is one of Great Britain's most ancient wells, in the Vale of Avalon between the Glastonbury Tor and Chalice Hill, it is a place of sanctity, healing and peace. Tonight's full moon & music program will be divine, Ravi & Adrian are said to play music to transport the listener to a celestial place. I invite you to take a moment and allow their music to transport you!   The Druid Beltaine ceremony is a community event that takes place every May 1st in Glastonbury. This ancient tradition is still alive and well in Britain and the St. Michael ley line is also aligned to this date, where beacons would be lit on hilltops across the country welcoming in the turning of the year. The flower petal painting was created by pressing live flowers, individual petals and cones into wet clay. Enjoy the beauty! 

The finished dressing in place beside the Lion's Head Well

The Vesica Pisces created with petals of Echinacia, Gerbera, Aconite and Forget-me-not. 

Springtime Blessings to you and your loved ones. 

Take time, notice & enjoy the beauty and miracles surrounding us!