12 August 2013

Summer Fresh Rolls and Nori-maki

When the weather is hot like it is right now in Southern Oregon, I like to have a light dinner that is healthy and delicious. Last night we had spring rolls and nori rolls. Once the ingredients are prepped, its fun and easy to make these delicious rolls at home!
Spring roll ingredients, wraps, noodles, shredded veggies
Start by assembling the ingredients, there are a few special ingredients that you can get at an Asian grocery store or natural foods store.  For the spring rolls we use rice flour wraps and for the nori rolls we use nori laver. variety of fillings including cooked rice noodles, shredded vegetables: cabbage, carrots and daikon and/or bean sprouts and avocado, and mint or basil leaves, add cooked shrimp if you wish. The rice paper rolls are sheer so I layered the ingredients starting with avocado against the rice paper wrap, then shredded carrot & daikon, cabbage & noodles. It helps to have everything organized before you start wrapping.
For the nori-maki, I use sushi rice seasoned with rice vinegar and mirin. You may like to try this great recipe from the New York Times. We used a prepared sweet ginger chili dipping sauce from Ginger People, but there are many recipes for tasty dipping sauces you can easily make from scratch.
Spring rolls in rice paper wraps and nori rolls
Nori-maki is delicious and fun to make. I make jumbo rolls for our family because it is easier for me to wrap a full sheet of nori rather than a half sheet. You'll need a sushi mat, this one from World Market is great because it has two mats, chopsticks and rice paddles for under $10.
World Market Sushi Mat Set
Having two mats is ideal, I roll one up and let it sit in the mat while I roll up the next one -- letting it rest in the rolled up sushi mat helps the seaweed stick to itself so when you slice up the rolls they stay together. Garnish your plate with seaweed salad, pickled ginger and dipping sauce of soy sauce and wasabi, serve a simple miso broth as a first course if you wish!
Seaweed salad with vegetarian Nori-maki
This healthy light supper makes for satisfied members of the "Clean Plate Club" 
Clean Plate Club
Comment or message me if you have questions on how to prepare this delicious summer supper! 

05 August 2013

Sunflower Season on Planet Joy

Summer has been good so far, I've been staying close to my home planet, nurturing my garden and getting the studio back up to speed. I am filled with gratitude as I say "thank you" with all my heart to those who shopped our emergency liquidation sale, thanks to all of you it was a tremendous success! Meanwhile, I've been getting the studio back in working order and it was spare and inviting whilst I was producing custom ruanas for Kohenet ordination.
Creating for Kohenet 2013
It is now it is set up for production again with a new larger sewing station for the new "vintage" Baby Lock serger and my trusty Bernina.
Low visibility on Planet Joy
The garden is flourishing even though we are experiencing a terrible wildfire season in the PNW.
If I had my way, I'd rather be at the beach!
Despite the less than optimal atmospheric conditions, the gardens on Planet Joy are very welcoming and colorful this year, the eggplants, peppers, tomatoes, basil, squash, sunflowers and more are thriving and ripening!
First tomato!
Zinnia, cosmos & rudbeckia

A friend of mine said he could taste tears in the pool water now that summer is waning. I notice the sun setting a little earlier, a hint of crisp morning air alluding at the season ahead. . . Me, I'm ramping up for the last month of summer and hoping for a good Indian Summer too!
Sunflower Season
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