28 May 2013

Spring Update

I have very good news ~ the studio is ALMOST READY to work in again!!!!! I'm super stoked because I have a dozen special garments to create during June!

The paint on the new floor is curing, There will be new lighting, counter top, perhaps new shelving. . .
It's been nearly 2 months since the flood caused the damage to the studio on April 9th, I am so ready for it to be finished and to get back to work!
I wish it was ready ALREADY!!! 
Meanwhile, in our Etsy Boutique, save 20% on our scarves and one of a kind fashions during June, specify coupon code JOYFLOWER at checkout. All proceeds benefit the fund to refurbish the studio. A heart felt thanks to all who supported our LIQUIDATION SALE! Thus far your purchases have raised half the money required to complete the repairs.

Yellow & White Iris

Prettiest Iris
On another note: the cool weather and rain has made for perfect growing conditions. The iris are glorious! I am harvesting the first of two successive plantings of peas and salad greens in this years garden patch. The raspberry bushes seem to be coming along well. I'm looking forward to warmer temps and more sunshine!

Spring vegetable garden

Purple & White Iris

Happy Spring to you and yours!

09 May 2013


Due to current circumstances beyond our control, the Studio at Planet Joy is undergoing a major renovation. In order to meet the costs of removing and replacing the entire studio floor we are having a HUGE sale on ALL in-stock inventory! 

Luckily none of the supplies, materials or equipment in the studio was damaged or ruined, the water overflowed the sink and went UNDER the floor. So the entire floor has to be replaced after it is removed and completely dried out. 

I want to create a WIN-WIN scenario during this phase, so all our ready-to-ship silks and accessories at www.Joyflower.etsy.com are now 50% off with the discount code SUPPORT. The funds will directly help us defray expenses for rebuilding the studio floor. 

Please share the sale with your friends to make this a successful fundraiser!!