20 February 2014

Joy Hand Painted Silk Seaside Collection

Introducing a new limited edition of hand painted silks by Joy Light.
The Seaside Collection is inspired by the beach, collecting shells has been a lifelong reverie. Beginning at a young age on the shore in New Jersey. We would go searching for shells and Cape May Diamonds.
Sunset Beach, NJ
Cape May Diamonds are not diamonds at all, but pieces of quartz crystal are broken off from veins and pockets by the swift running waters of mountain streams in the upper reaches of the Delaware river. We prized finding them as kids.
Charmeuse poncho styled as a scarf
The collection is designed to bring you a touch of serenity from a memory of the sea. Find the Seaside Collection online via Etsy. Or contact me to create a custom scarf or wrap just for you, in your colors!
Detail of scallop shell & starfish
As a young adult I beach-combed in Southern California where storms at sea would occasionally wash up treasures from the deep.
Charmeuse Hand Painted Poncho
 Tropical vacations to Hawaii and the Yucatan Peninsula introduced me to other varieties of seashells over the years.
Work in progress - Seaside Collection
The Seaside Collection is whimsical, combining stylized scallop and nautilus shells, representing the tranquility that comes from beach walks and contemplating the waves rolling into the shore.
Seaside Collection : Crepe de chine poncho

Crepe de chine poncho styled as a scarf
You can wear the Seaside collection year round to remind you to embrace the optimistic outlook that comes from time spent watching a sunset in warm weather climate.
Detail scallop shells

Sungold crepe sarong
I'd love to hear from you what your favorite shell beaches are, please share in the comment section or let's chat about it on Facebook!