27 May 2008

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Hi There!
I haven't blogged for a long time... maybe I'll blog about the holidays, it was a lot of fun, no time for blogging while travelling for me!

It really feels like Oregon this year, overcast, occasional showers, flowers, damp, cool weather. Two weeks ago, it was scorching at 100 - yow! Right now the irises are in full bloom, just incredible!

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Joy Hand Painted Silk presents seasonally inspired art to wear and accessories that offer an opportunity to escape from global fashion with handcrafted work that hopes to inspire through light and bring a small amount of joy into your life.

Modern luxury as simplicity, an escape from the dissonance of the industrial and media worlds into a world of peace and harmony.

The beauty of this work is that it is for wearing.

In the wearing it finds its final purpose; transforming the wearer with its light, channeling human energy into a unique presence.

Bringing pleasure from the eye to the heart.

Each piece has its own personality, a life of its own, channeled by the artist into our world.

Light is the essence of the work, the silk dyed, wrapped, steamed, and unfurled into its final form.

Even to the artist, the work reveals itself.

That is the mystical quality of the craft

Light flowing through and around.

The artist at work in studio, Ashland, Oregon

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  1. Wow I was there when Joy was finishing up these magnifent scarves.
    Truly as beautiful as a peacock feather!
    Wendy Gell


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