16 October 2008

Harvest Season

Yesterday we hauled out the orchard ladder and climbed into the trees to pluck juicy fruits to eat, make pies and dry for winter... YUMMY!!

What great good fortune for us today, whilst the orchard has been abandoned for many years and is in many ways out of production; due to the abundant ground water (underground springs) in our neighborhood the trees grow and produce fruit which we have permission to pick each year!

We've got a "Hobby" orchard next door - I say "Hobby" orchard, because whoever planted it fifty years ago decided to plant just one of each variety of fruit, there are seven or eight types of apples, two or three types of Italian plums, two cherries plus fig and mulberry.

The first frost has had a fabulous effect. We are now witnessing the magic of the season as the leaves are changing from green to myriad shades of red, orange and golden yellow.

Also, when the frost hits, the apples undergo a change in sugar which affects the taste and texture of certain varieties.


  1. Wow and dang, cool stuff, who are the 2 handsome young dudes up in the trees? They sure look familiar.
    I must say that I am very impressed, not only are you a blogger your blog is just way to cool for school and I am not just saying that because I'm your dad, it is just way cool.

  2. I like seeing that at least some of the fruit was getting picked.

  3. Wow, Joy, you are really fortunate to have an orchard so close to you!


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