27 January 2012

In Studio Photo Shoot - Daylight

Hand Painted Silk Purple Peacock Feather Ruana
I continue to apply myself to taking better photos. Here is my latest attempt, these were shot indoors in natural light. This is a preview of Joy's Late Winter Collection. These will shortly be listed for sale in my Etsy store. If you would like to reserve one of these beauties for your very own or commission something special,  please leave a comment.
Peacock Feather Silk Ruana
Available for purchase at Etsy

The beauty of the ruana style is its versatility. Wear it full length for special occasions over a black dress or pants suit for its full dramatic effect OR gather it and drape it around your neck for everyday comfort in cool weather.
Tobacco, Bronze, Magenta, Silver Ruana
Now Available for Sale at Etsy
Depending on how you drape or tie the ruana you can highlight the various colors in a different way each time you wear it. A ruana can also be folded in half and worn like a shawl.

Tangerine Ruana - SOLD

Thanks to my friend and neighbor Brian Devin for his assistance setting up the shoot. 


  1. Pete Gauthier28 January, 2012

    Beautiful Joy -all are stunning especially the Blue Peacock a favorite of mine

    1. Thank you Pete, the peacock motif is very popular and one that I truly enjoy painting!

  2. Gosh - what a selection. Where to begin? Happy selling.

  3. I love the peacock scarf! Beautiful work!

    1. Thank you Leslye, it's now available for sale in my Etsy Store.


  4. I loove your site and your products.. so elegant and classy

    1. Thank you Judit, I am a fan of your hand crafted jewelry!


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