16 April 2012

Earth Collection by Joy Hand Painted Silk

Today we feature the Earth Collection from Joy Hand Painted Silk. 
What's your favorite color? 
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Amber: A silky tiger’s eye combination of espresso, caramel and golden beige.

Canyon Ruana
Canyon: Ricy violet, sunset orange and warm sienna brown. Did you know he color sienna derives from the most notable Renaissance location for the earth, Siena, Italy, and is short for terra di Siena, "earth of Siena."

Driftwood: Stricking silvery grey with deep rich choclate brown and espresso. In Feng Shui, the color brown represents the element of wood.
Misty Orchid
Misty Orchid: sophisticated pearl white contrasts beautifully with soft lavender and rich mocha. Did you know the Orchid family is the largest family of the flowering plants?
Sedona: Warm browns with deep reddish brown tones.  Inspired by red-rock monoliths of the Arizona desert, Coffeepot, Cathedral and Thunder Mountain.
Amber Ruana
Did you know the gemstone Amber is one of the birthstones listed for the Sun Sign Taurus. 
Driftwood Ruana
Sophisticated dove grey and taupe swirl with rich chocolate brown to design the ideal shawl for your business attire or dressed down euro style with jeans and a t-shirt. Try wearing it sarong-style over your swim suit for a fashionable après swim at the beach or poolside.
Misty Orchid Ruana
Sophisticated shades of taupe, orchid and silvery grey are featured in this gorgeous silk wrap. This classic design allows you to accessorize your personal style with ease and beauty. 
Sedona Ruana
A wrap is always flattering, always chic – as perfect for cool summer evenings as it is cozy for cold winter nights. 
Amber Ruana
A ruana is like a cape but with open sides, our hand painted silk ruana is made from chiffon silk. The satin trim all around gives just the right weight for the perfect drape. Looks great with your LBD or with jeans and a t-shirt for a casually put together look. Measures approximately 42 x 79 inches.


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