10 May 2012

Certified Sustainable Joy Hand Painted Silk

All our scarves, shawls and wraps are painted individually, by-hand in our studio in Ashland Oregon. It's our goal to create beautiful one of a kind art to wear fashion accessories that you will love to wear because you feel beautiful when you wear them! 
We have been creating our 2012 Spring Summer Collection of saturated pastels and spring flower and peacock feather motif shawls and ponchos. The featured shawls in todays blog are a sumptuous blend of silk and rayon jacquard, the weave of these 20x80 inch shawls is rich in texture with the pattern woven in much like an indian silk rug pattern. Each shawl has been individually dyed by hand in a saturated pastel hue. This rich woven shawl would make a great wrap for a spring or summer wedding for the brides maids to wear in the ceremony and these would also make great gifts for the wedding party as well.
Coral Silk and Rayon Jacquard Shawl

Silvery Dove Grey Jacquard Shawl

2012 S/S Jacquard Shawl Collection

Lilac Jacquard Hand Dyed Shawl 

Peacock Feather Motif Satin Trimmed Chiffon Shawl 
This delicate peacock feather is painted by hand in a pastel range of colors with metallic feather highlights. No two are alike, each is a one-of-a-kind wearable art piece.
Petal Pink Jacquard Shawl

Robin's Egg Blue Jacquard Shawl
Our Sustainability Pledge is stated on the card below. We pledge to create the smallest possible carbon footprint with our small production, seasonal collections. The quality is high because production is small and individually created. Our clients love our products for the way the feel and the way they fit, sustainability is an added bonus!

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Thank you for your patronage, let us know if you want a custom order or to have your purchase personalized - we would love to make your day with a special order!


  1. Very impressive the new Spring Summer Collection, and great pledge.

    1. Thanks Dear, we do our best to live and create sustainably on Planet Joy!

  2. Your scarves are just beautiful! Love the silk peacock feather line. TAG member.

    1. Marie,
      Thank you for popping by today - the peacocks have a great appeal, my feather motif allow you to wear peacock feathers without worrying whether the delicate feathers will break, because it is always perfect when its on silk or transferred to crystal or mother of pearl!


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