27 April 2015

Back in action on Planet Joy

You may or may not know that my studio flooded this year in January (again). I've been dealing with insurance adjusters and contractors to get the renovations completed. Finally last week, I finished painting the floors and touching up the walls and moved my equipment back inside.

Demolition phase
As much as I love the look of my studio when it is empty, it is idle, it calls for the creativity!
Fresh new floor surface. 
Now, happily, there is life and creativity afoot! The muse has enjoyed the rest during renovations, I've been germinating new ideas and custom orders are underway once again. 

Peacock feather motif in production
I will be very busy during the rest of April and through the month of May catching up on production for the Santa Fe Opera gift store and some very special orders for clients out east - it's wedding season you know!
Custom jacket for a wedding.
I will do my best to write for Planet Joy, but if you want to keep up to date with day-to-day studio happenings and activity, please join the fun on Facebook!  Feel free to comment or contact me to create and design a custom silk wrap for yourself or a friend!


  1. I didn't know you were flooded out yet again! So happy that all is put back together and you are painting your beautiful silks...can't wait to see the new creations!!!

    1. Thank you Carole, I was rather unhappy about another flood, so I stayed quiet for the most part, dwelling instead on securing orders and working with custom clients with the knowing I'd be back in action sooner or later... so relieved to be working again!! xx

  2. Well, this is the third try to get this comment on your page, so if all 3 show up...well, all the better...I didn't know you had flooded out again this year, but glad it's back together and you are creating your gorgeous prints! Looking forward to seeing your creations!

    1. Carole, thanks again for being such a great fan of mine. (Comments are moderated here) I will continue to share via my facebook page, where I know you are also a follower www.facebook.com/joysilk


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