24 May 2015

Custom Fabric for a Hand Painted Silk Yukata with peacock motif

I am happily sequestered in studio, creating hand painted silk crepe de chine over the Memorial Day holiday weekend.  This project consists of painting several yards of crepe de chine for a custom-order peacock motif yukata. A yukata is a casual summer kimono in Japan, usually made of cotton.  The peacock is in repose, when compledted, the gracefully folded tail-feathers will wrap around the wearer.

The first step is to use the serti technique to transfer the design to the silk fabric

A lot of  planning goes into making the pattern.

This is the first layer of color. 

Silk painting is my passion! I am so happy and grateful that my studio is back in action with inspiring projects like this one!

Work in progress.

The finished effect. 

Peacock motif complete and ready to cut and sew.

Detail of the peacock's tail. 
The completed yukata. 

View Two of the completed garment. 

Close up of the peacock feather detail. 

Custom yukata by Joy Hand Painted Silk.


  1. How do you stretch several yards of fabric? Is your work area and fame that large that you can do so?

    1. Thank you for your inquiry Silkiness! I use custom wooden frames. This fabric was too large to stretch all at once, so I painted some, let it dry and rearranged the silk to paint the other side. Sometime you have to go out on a limb! I have suspended silk yardage between two rolling work tables. I have also used saw horses to stretch large fabrics.

  2. How do you keep the black from bleeding into the design? Is it all painted?

  3. Hi Magi, Yes, the entire fabric is painted, it starts out white, and you can see the initial outline of the peacock in the first couple of photos in the blog. I use a water soluable resist to keep the colors in their places on the designs (peacock and peacock feathers in this case) and then I make sure not to flood the fabric to keep it from running into the designed areas. Soes that make sense?


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