24 July 2020

About Stephanie Gale, Design Artist, Beau Monde Organics (BMO)

Stephanie Gale is an amazing woman! She is similar to a multifaceted gem, dedicated, talented and beautiful - inside and out! She she has been an avid environmentalist and an advocate of social justice since about 10 years of age. Stephanie is also a talented graphic designer, product designer, surface design artist, sculptor, ceramicist, singer, educator, and a voice over artist. Not only is Gale the sole owner of Beau Monde Organics, she is also the creator and designer of the exclusive collection of art print luxury scarves at beaumondeorganics.com

Stephanie’s 'Signature Style' Beau Monde Organics scarves are truly unique, having the distinction of combining all the elements that are so dear to her heart:


Beauty, Quality, Art, 

Nature, Do No Harm, 


Local Woman-Owned Small Business


Beau Monde Organic scarves are reversible fashion scarves, the softest organic cotton is art-printed with original art designs by Los Angeles artist Stephanie Gale, inspired by Nature, Travel and World Culture. Her luxurious scarves and wraps are made of 100% GOTS-certified organic fabrics (even the thread), vegan & cruelty-free, non-toxic, biodegradable, low-water-printed, zero-waste production, made in USA. BMO’s organic cotton fashion accessories boast a philanthropic mission that gives back to causes and charities that support Beau Monde Organics' mission of promoting eco-conscious living and creating peaceful positive change in fashion and the world. Specifically, Beau Monde Organic's mission adheres to and engenders environmental protection & conservation, social justice & equality, as well as  ethical business practices that include doing no harm to people or planet.


Beyond that, Stephanie loves being in nature, enjoys gardening, visiting the ocean. She avidly loves ALL the arts. She is definitely a foodie; eating and cooking her way around the world with a curiosity about the people and the cultures that produce the delightful ethnic foods she loves. Taste-testing all  the best organic & fair trade chocolates, coffees and wines is also on the list, though not necessarily in that order.


What is special about a Beau Monde Organics scarf?

It's straightforward, when you look good, you feel good!

When you wear clothing that aligns with your values and what you believe in, it creates confidence, helps express who you are, and all of that combined makes you feel even more beautiful, and happy.


When you wear a Beau Monde Organics scarf, your look is enhanced and you feel... 


transformed, empowered, confident 


and you fall in love with how you look. 

The limited edition curated prints in the SYNERGY Collection are special and a fun way to stand out, get noticed and express your personal style. You'll feel great knowing you're supporting the causes, beliefs and values that align with the very heart and soul of your being.


Every Woman Deserves to Feel Blissfully Beautiful. 

Beau Monde Organics Blissfully Beautiful Scarves.

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