30 July 2015

JoySilk Summer Giveaway #2

You, my friend are among the rare and amazing fans of JoySilk on Facebook.
And you have a chance to win some cool handmade swag!! 

First prize is a pair of earrings and a beautiful Joy hand painted silk scarf. The earrings will be chosen from from my OpenSky shop.
OpenSky Exclusive Inventory

The scarf will be chosen from my Etsy shop.
One of a kind hand painted silk fashion accessories. 

There are just two requirements enter the Giveaway
1. Join my mailing list at the top right hand side of my blog. 

2. Post a comment below referencing either Photo 1 or Photo 2.

Extra consideration to entrants may be given in several ways. 
1. Follow and interact with @Joysilk on Twitter.
2.  Like, comment, and/or share any post or photo on my Facebook page.
3. Submit a photo of yourself wearing your JoySilk scarf, shawl or jewelry. 
4. Share the JoySilk Summer Fun Giveaway #2 via your favorite social media. 
5. Share, tweet or Pin your favorite items from my Etsy store or from Opensky.

A winner will be randomly drawn from the qualified entries on August 15th. 
Good luck and thanks to all who entered! 


  1. Your work is both artistic and beautiful!

    1. Thank you Quiltbat! Please comment with your Photo Choice and register for the JoySilk newsletter for your entry to be qualified for the random drawing on August 15th!

  2. Anonymous30 July, 2015

    I love your work. Photo 2

    1. Thank you Anonymous, for your comment. Please sign up for JoySilk Newsletter for your entry to be qualified for the rando drawing on August 15th

    2. Anonymous30 July, 2015

      thank you, I just did. Just couldn't sign in to add my name here. Excited to enter and see all your beautiful work.

  3. I registered for the list. I like the colors in Photo 1.


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